5 Most Underrated Places to Visit in USA

underrated places to visit in usa

In a case you are not an American (that is, a USA citizen), but always wanted to visit the United States and experience everything that we’ve all had a chance to see in pretty much every aspect of the contemporary pop culture (in the last 50+ years), there’s no better time than now – just like anywhere else, right?

From the extravagant lifestyle of the huge American metropolises, like New York, or Chicago, to the widely renown and ‘exotic’ swamps and ‘magical’ beaches of Florida, or all the earthly pleasures that the ‘promised land’ of California has to offer, there’s an abundance of various attractions that the United States has to give to a traveller.

However, our main goal today is not to tell you fairy tales about Hollywood, or interesting stories from Manhattan, but actually to introduce you to some of the most underrated places to visit USA.

Or, rather, those spots that are (a bit) off the beaten track, but are nevertheless very intriguing and well worth visiting, if you decide to visit the US. Thus, we’ve picked the following five destinations.

1. Letchworth State Park, New York

In a case you thought that the famous Central Park is the only place where the residents of the Big Apple have a chance to experience nature first hand, you were wrong. Letchworth State Park is a magnificent place where travelers could get in touch with the wildlife and the pristine nature, much more than the famous forest in the middle of the city. One of its major highlights is the three mesmerizing waterfalls, coming from the Genesee River up north.

In case you want a more detailed list, with the best places to see while you’re there, like the Middle and Upper Falls, or the Inspiration Point, check out what the Smarter Travel has to offer you here.

2. Yosemite Glaciers, California

I’m sure that if you are a type of person who is into nature and wants to check the national parks of each country when you visit it, there’s no chance you hadn’t heard about the most famous American national park, the Yosemite.

Although as a result of the global warming, big portions of the ice and the snow in the Yosemite natural glaciers are gone, still, there’s a lot to be seen here. Just be sure that you are dress up properly for the occasion.

3. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Everyone who has visited the Devil’s Tower in the state of Wyoming, usually says that it’s one of the most spectacular natural landmarks, not just in the entire country, but throughout the continent. Made out of a great number of igneous rocks, the whole place has a mesmerizing and unique structure of spiraling towers, that cannot be seen anywhere else!

Also, in a case you decide to visit the Devil’s Tower, you’d be provided with guided tours throughout the place. And in a case you do it during the warmer period of the year, you’d be able to camp and have your own original experience in this breathtaking location.

4. The Oregon Coast, Oregon

And if you are traveling along the Pacific coastline of the US, there’s no doubt that the Oregon coast is one of the most picturesque locations in the entire West Coast. And given that it’s so far stretched out, it usually takes the travelers an entire week to complete their trip – and it’s worth every minute of it.

5. Assateague Island, Virginia & Maryland

In a case you are a sucker for fine beaches and horses, the Assateague Island is the ideal destination for you. Besides the allure of its unexplained origins, the place becomes even a bigger magnet for the visitors, once you see the unique sight of around 300 wild horses, that are living there freely.

So, our dear readers, in a case our choice of this five US destination has ‘giggled’ your interest and sense of adventure, make sure you put them in your bucket list, for the period when you decide to travel to America.

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