Solo Travel

The great explorers like Christopher Columbus were a kind of solo travelers even though they had a big crew on the ship. They set off journeys not being sure what they would discover or what danger they would have to avoid. But still, they were eager to find out what is behind the horizon while standing alone and safely at the port.

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What are the benefits of solo travel?

So, what are the benefits of traveling alone? First of all, you are the only captain of your ship, i.e., single journey. You decide where to go and become independent. And although you are alone, you are never lonely. You will make lots of new friends, and also meet lots of solo travel groups.

Your solo trip will give you the opportunity to explore your inner self while visiting every corner that you think is worth seeing, probably accompanied by a stranger who shares the same interests with you at the beginning but tending to become a friend you will never forget.

And you will be free to try something that you thought was impossible, without anyone around to convince you to give up, so reveal the adventurous you and start the solo trip.

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How to Travel Alone?

Get general information about your destination.

Learn some phrases and greetings in the local language.

Pack as little things in your suitcase as you can.

Stay at hostels

We highly recommend you this because you will meet other solo travelers and you can exchange experiences about the place and go to clubs together.

Take and share lots of photos on social media

While you are traveling alone you should take as many photos as you can and share them on your Instagram account so you can build it and get many followers.

You should be very careful with the taxi drivers waiting at the stations.

Always try to stay calm and do everything slower than you were used to before you went on your solo trip.

Smile and look at people while asking them for directions or anything else.

Which are the best places for solo travel in 2018?

As a solo traveler, you should always choose destinations that are safe. Check out below our picks.

girl surfing in hawaii


female solo traveler

Southeast Asia

colosseum italy europe

Rome, Italy

New York City, United States

Tips for first-time solo travelers

Take Risks.

Never be afraid to take the risk to travel alone. You will learn that most of the people are friendly and honest. You will discover that you are more decisive than you or your family thought before.

Choose a place close to your home.

If you are afraid that the solo trip will be difficult for you, then choose a destination which is close to your home. You don’t need to go to the other side of the world (on your first solo journey) to see if you can go alone.