Travelling Southeast Asia Alone: Complete Guide for 2019

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When you are starting to travel solo for the first time, it’s always a good idea to start with countries that are safe for traveling. And what better countries to start with then Southeast Asia.

This part of Asia is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. It has fantastic weather conditions, great beaches, many different kinds of food, and the best part is that it’s cheap. Well, most of the countries are cheap.

Travelling Southeast Asia alone is a great choice, firstly because of the people that you get to meet there. They are all in the same place as you and on the same mission, to travel on their own.

Even if you don’t sleep in a hostel you can meet up with people if you go to a surfing class, diving classes, yoga or at the party.

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Travelling on your own gives you the perks to change your travel plans as you meet up with new people.

There are many great places to travel in SE Asia and here we will give you some tips on where to go if you solo travel Southeast Asia.

What are the best solo travel destinations in Southeast Asia?

1.    Indonesia, Bali

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Definitely, the number one hotspot for people that travel alone is Bali in Indonesia. But this place can get too crowded in certain times of the year and full with couples but don’t worry, there are people that solo travel Bali and maybe the love of your life is right here. So pack your things and go to Bali.

2.    Indonesia, Kuta Lombok

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If Bali is too crowded and super noisy for you, then head on to the neighbor which is Kuta Lombok. This island just next to Bali is the perfect getaway for travelers that want to explore fantastic beaches and perfect landscapes. Kuta is a quiet little surfing village that you can relax on the beaches and go surfing. You can meet other solivagants here with ease.

3.    Thailand, Bangkok

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While Thai nightlife is considered as the best there is in Southeast Asia we also stated that Thailand is a safe country to visit and a great destination for travelling alone. If you are looking for some attractions for adults, you should visit Bangkok as it’s one of the best party destinations out there.

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4.    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

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This country is one of the best and safest when considered for traveling. It’s a heaven if you want to visit a country with great food and amazing scenery. There are many great places to visit but why don’t you start with Ho Chi Minh. This crazy town is perfect for meeting up people that travel alone and start traveling together.

5.    Vietnam, Phong Nha Ke Bang

If you haven’t met anyone in Ho Chi Minh we encourage you to go to this small town. It’s a place where there are only a couple of accommodation providers but it’s a great place because everyone is heading to Easy Tiger Hostel in the evenings to grab a drink and socialize.

6.    Thailand, Chiang Mai

chiang mai thailand

No visit to Thailand is ever completed without a visit to Chiang Mai the digital nomad hub spot. This place is packed with foreigners and filled with people that are working remotely and seeking a place with great food and amazing weather. Traveling here solo will surely be an amazing opportunity because you will meet many like-minded people.

7.    Cambodia, Siem Reap

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When people think of Cambodia all they have in mind is Angkor Wat, which is the first thing that came up to our mind when we thought about Cambodia. This great city is a must visit to walk around one of the oldest still standing in ancient cities. Its palaces are great for tourists and Siem Reap is filled with expats, tourists, and many local friendly faces.

8.    Malaysia

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Malaysia is a place where everyone should start visiting now because it will be too crowded when people find out about this great country. Start your visit to Kuala Lumpur a bustling city with huge skyscrapers and great food. After Kuala Lumpur why don’t you visit Penang Island which you will love the great beaches and the amazing George Town?

9.    Laos, Luang Prabang

kuang si falls laos prabang

Source: Wanderers & Warriors

A small city in the northern part of Laos Luang Prabang should be on a bucket list to all of the travelers. This small city has many activities to offer and fantastic beauty. From the great waterfalls to the amazing looking architecture, everything is picture perfect. And the best part is it’s a place where you can meet many travelers and enjoy your stay.

10.    Philippines, Boracay

philippines boracay

Boracay in the Philippines is a tourist attraction for many years now. And we know why people are coming to this amazing place. The beaches are perfect, the food is amazing and the people living here are just the best. There are many activities to be done but the best one is to just relax on the beaches with a cocktail in hand.

What are the Safest Places to Travel Alone in Southeast Asia?

When people travel in another country the first thing that they think about is: How safe the country is?

And we can’t blame you for every single person safety should be first. Some countries in Southeast Asia are very safe like Japan and South Korea.

And the others are safe for travelers even though sometimes politics can make the country go crazy.

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But, for the travelers that should not be a problem because tourism is the number one priority of each and every country that is part of that region. The possibility to not feel safe in Southeast Asia is nearly impossible.

It’s no wonder that digital nomads are going in this Asian region for living a life of fulfillment, the great weather, fantastic food, and white sandy beaches.

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Is Southeast Asia expensive?

SE Asia is relatively cheap, there are some places that are expensive and some are very cheap. It really depends from country to country. But all of the countries listed above are relatively cheap.

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Expect to pay a little more money for alcohol in these countries because of some certain regulations, and some of the countries are primarily Muslim. But having a decent amount of budget that will never be enough for any Western country is a must for visiting Southeast Asia.


Traveling solo has its own benefits as it has its drawbacks. But we encourage you to try it and travel for some time to see how you are handling some situations.

And many stuff that you will learn about yourself will only get on the surface. People are traveling alone to find joy in life, to find a partner or to just feel free.

Whatever is the reason for that, to travel solo is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. And travelling Southeast Asia alone will be a great choice.

Just trust your guts and go for it, there is nothing stopping you.

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