How to Travel The World for Free and Get Paid

travel the world for free

Who doesn’t want to travel the world?

Ok, let me rephrase that, “Who doesn’t want to travel the world for free?

Travelling can be expensive, but not always.

People have been traveling the world for free (ok almost free) for many years now. And nowadays with modern technology and many websites offering a free couch, free accommodation and free food for a little bit of work, it’s easier to travel the world than ever.

There are even hacks to pay for your ticket to the desired destination for 0$. We are not talking about freelancing your way to travel but this can be an option too, we are talking about working sometimes for some hours in order to pay for your stay at a specified place.

There are numerous opportunities to travel the world for less than the average amount of money that you will have to pay. And we will try to explain you how.

Hitchhike your way to the destination

hitchhiking your way to the destination

Hitchhiking is not a new concept for travelers. Any experienced traveler had done that and believe me the experience that you will have is amazing. Even though you will have to trust your gut every single time it is an amazing opportunity.

If you don’t feel like getting in the car that stopped just don’t because it might be the wrong car. But let’s not scare you at all.

I had friends from Estonia that hitchhiked around Europe and a Belarusian grandmother that hitchhiked around the world told them an amazing quote that says:

“Bad people won’t stop for you if you are in need of a lift only good people will stop and help you out.”

So believe in this quote and just take the first step to hitchhike your way around the world. 🙂

Teach English around the world

teaching english in asia

If you like a place so much and love to stay there for longer than 2-3 weeks than teaching English is the way to go.

But even if you are not originally from an English speaking country of origin don’t worry because most of the opportunities that are offered need someone with experience as a native English speaker so if your English is perfect and you have taken exams like TOEFL or TEFL you can easily find a job as a teacher.

Many opportunities can be found in Asia so if you love these countries you should definitely give this a try.

Couchsurfing for you stay


Expensive cities like London, Paris or New York couch surfing is probably the best idea to find an accommodation.

Pricey hotels are the main problems that people face when traveling and many don’t want to share their room with 10 more people in the hostels.

So if you are someone that likes a little bit of privacy even if you are sleeping on someone’s couch than Couchsurfing is the best idea.

Cook your own food

cooking food

So now that you have found your stay on someone’s couch now it’s time to cook your own meal. You can’t survive on fast food and burgers for a long time, and it’s cheaper to cook your own meals.

Plus if you are a great chef your host might be impressed and he/she might find you a place to work in the city that you are in.

I know a friend of mine that found a job as a pastry chef in Madrid because his Couchsurfing host loved his pastry, so he offered him a job in a pastry shop in Madrid. When you travel you get to meet amazing people and many would love to help you out if you are skilled at something.

Volunteer at an organic farm

man looking at an organic farm

If you like the village atmosphere and love to help around on a farm than volunteering on organic farms is for you.

Websites like WWOOF can help you out in finding your opportunity on a farm. And also there are other websites like HelpX where they are not limited only to organic farms but also other opportunities as well. If you like to help around the farm the hosts will give you free accommodation and food for your services. Some even get paid for the gig.

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Work in Hostels


If you don’t like organic farms then working in a Hostel will do the job.

The gigs usually are cleaning and maintenance of the hostel, but there are also opportunities to actually be a receptionist or teach a certain skill that you have. If you know how to cook you can even become a chef.

The Hostels usually are offering you free stay for the work that you will do, and some can even offer you meals. But in the free time you can walk around the city and explore it, and the best part is you get to meet other travelers like you.

House Sitting

house sitting

Do you like cats or dogs, or maybe both of them, or any other animal? Then house sitting is the perfect opportunity for you.

All you have to do is walk the dog, and feed it of course in exchange for the free bed that you have in the house.

Many people are offering their homes to people to sleep in but on one single term. You need to take care of their pets and their home of course.

Travel Blogging

travel blogging

While some people are traveling without money and are offering their services in order to sleep somewhere and eat something, many people are actually traveling bloggers.

They make money out of traveling. This is probably the coolest thing you will want to do because these people are offered everything for free in exchange to write an amazing story about their hotels, hostels, apartment’s and cities that they are visiting.

People are actually being paid to travel because of the large audience that they have and many people are doing it as a main job. They get to travel, sleep in fancy hotels, eat exotic foods and see many cities. While this is the perfect opportunity for everyone it’s not an easy task.

travel bloggers couple

Many travel bloggers are already established with many years of hard work behind them, but you can also become one if you work hard and travel a lot.

Paying your ticket with miles

Many travel hackers are doing this thing but they are extra careful when they are signing in for a credit card. You might have heard of it but you have never done it because you were too scared.

Of course getting a credit card is not something that we encourage you but if you sign up for a special credit card in a specified bank they are offering you free flight miles just for signing in.

And if you pay your credit card debt you are in no trouble at all. All you have to do is pay your debt, use your card for traveling and pay with it in special places that they are partners with. You will get some extra miles if you use it constantly. But don’t forget, pay your credit card debt and you are in no trouble at all.

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