7 Top Things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey that will AMAZE YOU

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When people hear about Turkey the first thing that comes to their mind is Istanbul. The second thing that they think of is Cappadocia, the marvelous land and the hot air balloons all around the plateau.

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Cappadocia (Kapadokya in Turkish) is located in the heart of Anatolia, one of the most beautiful places in Turkey and the famous wine region. This region in Turkey is one of the most visited places and we can see why, with the beautiful natural created rocks and the many hotels in caves, Cappadocia is a place that every tourist should visit, be that from the grounds or from the air.

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7 Top Things to Do in Cappadocia

Asking yourself ‘what to do in Cappadocia‘? There are many things you can do that will amaze you.

AND there is something for every kind of tourist, and that’s why it’s such a beautiful place to visit. 

Hot Air Balloon ride

Hot air balloon flying over Cappadocia Turkey

This is the first thing that people think of when it comes to Cappadocia, the famous hot air balloon ride.

One of the landmarks of this place and one of the activities that everyone should do if you are visiting Cappadocia is to go for a ride in a hot air balloon above the city. And the best time to do this is during sunsets.

The prices for a hot air balloon ride are somewhat around $150 and above, it really depends on where you book them or from which agency. They vary as it depends on the experience of the pilot and the company. We encourage you to pay more for your ride in order to get a more experienced pilot and to enjoy the amazing scenery.

Visit Göreme

goreme turkey

This small city in the heart of Cappadocia is a must visit for the many different activities. From the many hotels in caves to the beautiful open-air museum, this city of just around 2000 people has everything that a tourist would love. While you are there indulge in the tasty Turkish cuisine and enjoy the view of the many hot air balloons.

Underground city in Cappadocia

derinkuyu underground city in cappadocia

Derinkuyu Underground City

There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia, and all of them are worth visiting, or at least two of the most famous ones. The first one that we would recommend is Derinkuyu Underground City and the other one is Kaymakli Underground City. The underground cities have everything that a city would need starting first with stables, cellars, churches, wineries etc. A visit to any of the underground cities is a must for every tourist.

Cave Houses

bedroom cave house

The cave houses are one of the many attractions in Cappadocia and the best thing to visit. If you are searching for a hotel and a place to sleep check out some of the cave houses and hotels that are made inside of the caves and rocks. This experience is a must try in Cappadocia and it will give you a sense that you are traveling back in time.

Spa Treatments

spa treatment cappadocia

The Turkish culture is famous for having the best bathhouses in the world. The traditional bathhouses are called a hammam and Turkey is full of them. While visiting Cappadocia visit one of their traditional hammams and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Just keep in mind that they are gender segregated like the ones in Korea so the men will be treated by men and the women by women.

Horse riding

cappadocia horse riding

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There are many tours that offer horse riding and we will encourage you to try this amazing activity. Turkey is famous for having places where many horses roam free. And in Cappadocia, it’s one of the most famous activity to do. Check out the many tours offering horseback riding and go for it.

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Go shopping for ceramics

cappadocia ceramics

Turkey is famous for the ceramics that they have in abundance. It’s a country where the ceramics in number 2 in the world after China, but going on a workshop in Avanos will surely make you appreciate the art behind the pottery making and ceramics. You will be astonished at what beautiful crafts can be made from ceramics.

How to get there?

So, now after we convinced you to go to Cappadocia, you must be wondering how to get here?

The easiest way to get to Cappadocia and the most comfortable is to go by plane. There is an airport in Kayseri which is a city just 1 hour away by bus from Cappadocia, and you can order a shuttle service to take you there.

And there is another airport in Gülşehir which is a city in the region of Cappadocia.

But, if you landed on the airport in Istanbul you can take a bus, and you will be in Cappadocia in 12 hours. It’s a long ride, we know, but it’s worth it.

If you are traveling by bus the closest city is Konya that is 4 hours away and Ankara only 5 hours away from Cappadocia.

If you like trains than you should head to Kayseri and after that take a bus to Göreme.

How long should you stay in Cappadocia?

It really depends on what kind of tourist you are but we believe that 3 days is enough to visit and experience everything. From food to many different experiences, 3 days will be enough.

girl sitting on a roof in cappadocia

But if you want to stay for 7 days, then head on to Istanbul or Izmir and you will be more than happy that you took this trip to Turkey.

Is it safe?

Turkey is a very safe country no matter what you hear on the news. There are some political tensions but that should not worry you. It’s a pretty safe country where nothing bad is happening.

But always remember to use the safety tricks every traveler uses while they are traveling around the globe and you will be safe and sound.

Where to stay?

We can’t mention any hotels that you can visit in Cappadocia because all of them are perfect. But while you are here visit a hotel that is in the very rocks and you will have a blast.

cappadocia cave hotel

Many hotels offer picture-perfect accommodations and the hospitality is top notch. But even if you are on a budget there are many budget-friendly accommodations for every tourist.

What to eat in Cappadocia?

Eating in Turkey won’t be a problem for anyone because it’s one of the most famous and most delicious cuisine in the world.


Having a Turkish Breakfast is always a good idea to start the day, and ordering Menemen with it will go great.

Turkish Tea is always great to have with every food that you are having and it’s delicious.

Trying a Turkish bread is one of the best experiences you will have, and you should try Pide which is like a pizza but for us, it’s even better than pizza, and you should try Gozleme also.

turkish pide

Their yogurt is called Ayran and you should try it with your dinner or with the Kebab. We encourage you to try the traditional Testi Kebab.

testi kebab

Çorba is always a good idea to try, which is stew and Turkish people like to eat it in the morning or for dinner.
We just can’t think what to write because everything is so tasty and going there for the food is always a good idea.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Cappadocia is from April to June for the most perfect weather and September and October. This time is overall for most of the Turkish cities because the summers in Turkey can be very hot and dry.

hot air balloons in cappadocia

There is one thing that people go after in Cappadocia and that is the Air Balloon Festival. There is no such thing and the many balloons that you see on the pictures of many travelers that’s just the many companies doing this activity.

When you visit Cappadocia you will see that everyday it looks like there is a festival going on with many hot air balloons in the sky.

Final Words

While visiting Cappadocia you will be amazed by the very beauty that this small place has to offer. It’s a fairytale for every tourist and a couples goals to go in a hot air balloon ride together. Visiting this magnificent country will surely be a thing to remember forever.

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