Buenos Aires, Argentina

We’re Giving You Eight Reasons To Choose Argentina To Be Your Following Travel Destination!

There’s a very popular and well known Spanish saying that goes something like this: “Don’t wait for tomorrow to do something you can do today”. And that’ll be the motto of today’s article we’ve prepared for you – don’t wait to visit one of the most spectacular countries in the Latin America, Argentina. And not just that, but we’ll give all the right reason to go on a vacation in the country that has given us the sports legends like El Diego (Maradona) and today’s biggest football superstar, Lionel Messi, as well as one of the most remarkable women in the continent, Eva Perón, and the biggest symbol for all the revolutionaries in this world, who are against the imperialism and the evil of capitalism, the one and only Ernesto Che Guevara!

Oh yes, if you consider yourself a person with an adventurous character, Argentina is definitely the country that should find itself on your bucket list!

el ateneo grand splendid

In a case you are into books, then one of the most spectacular places you ought to visit in Argentina, is The El Ateneo Grand Splendid – by many, considered to be the most outstanding bookshops in the world! It’s located at the Santa Fe avenue in Buenos Aires, and initially, it was designed to be a theatre, but by the beginning of this century, it was converted into a bookshop.

Now, in order to get out of the urban areas and start working on that (abovementioned) adventurous character/spirit, you should go and visit The Cerro de Siete Colores, or The Hill of Seven Colors. A totally spell-bound location, with very distinct hills colour, that are best seen during the first 45 minutes of the dawn.


The next destination in Argentina takes us to the Andes, or more precisely, the Aconcagua Mountain, in the Mendoza province, the highest mountain in the world outside Asia, which is also a part of The Seven Summits. Going up almost 7 000 meters (around 23 000 ft), it could be spotted even from Chile! Now, if you’re a person who loves hiking, climbing mountains, you’ll definitely find your earthly heaven here.

While we’re still in nature, we’ll ‘take you’ to the Iguazu Falls. There’s a story about this place that’s constantly spoken of, which involves the former first lady of the US, Eleanor Roosevelt, who, upon her arrival and seeing it for the first time said: “Poor Niagara, Poor Niagara!”. Now, do you need any more convincing about how spectacular these falls are?!

If you want to admire the Argentina’s architectural beauty and heritage, we definitely recommend the Pink House, or La Casa Rosada, which is the official building and an office of the Argentinian president. This magnificent building has its own museum that’s quite impressive as well!

Ushuaia Argentina

But going to Argentina wouldn’t be the same if you don’t decide to visit some of its most southern tips, so we suggest the city of Ushuaia, which is a capital of Tierra del Fuego, and officially the most southern city on the planet (when we’re talking about places inhabited by more than just a handful of people). And besides being a great tourist destination, it’s also a starting point of numerous cruises.

We’ll finish our short guide throughout Argentina with the Los Glaciares National Park (Parque Nacional Los Glaciares), which is the biggest one of its kind in the already huge and vast country, covering an area of over 7 000 square kilometres. It’s under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since the late 1930s. It has two lakes, that are dividing it into a couple of totally distinct areas, and it’s always full with thrill seekers and hiking enthusiasts.

At the very end, we’ll tell you that Argentinians have a reputation of one of the kindest and friendliest people, anywhere in the world, so there’s practically zero chance for you to get lost, or end up in a trouble, like in some of the other countries of Latin America. Just make sure you learn (at least) a few Spanish words and phrases, and you’ll have no worries on your mind, just things to look forward to!

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