Top 5 Hidden Holiday Gems In Italy

I believe that most of you will agree with us when we mention the quote, which says that when you decide that the destination you’re heading towards isn’t (just) a place, but a new experience, you’ll be much more satisfied with your vacation in general. The meaning behind this quote, that’s truly inspiring, is that everyone should have expectations behind the travel they’re taking, not just the final destination.

So, if when someone mentions Italy, it ‘awakens’ positive and inspirational feelings inside you, directly connected with the abovementioned quote, then, we believe that you’re going to like things we have to say below, about the hidden holiday gems you could find in one Europe’s most beautiful countries.

1. Bergamo, Lombardy

This would be our first suggestion for Italy’s travelling holiday gem, and the reason for it is that we want you to avoid making the critical mistake, often made by the classic tourists, to ignore this part of the country. And when you come to know that it’s a true paradise for all art aficionados (this is where Florence is located, by the way) and Italian culture in general, you immediately start to realize all that you’d be missing if you also decide to follow the path of ignorance.

2. Treviso, Veneto

If we have to use one adjective to best describe this small town in the Northern Italy, it’d be definitely ‘mesmerizing’! The town itself (which largely reminds on a village) is quite simple for sightseeing and exploring, especially because you have “Via di Mezzo”, the main street that’s paved in quite a recognizable style (that you can’t miss), which begins with an impressive castle. Everything that follows is truly beautiful, including the top-notch quality wines.

3. Montefalco, Umbria

Once you make the decision to go to Italy, missing Montefalco mustn’t be made even as an honest mistake! We’re talking about a fairytale-like, hill-town, located in the centre of the Umbria province, approximately seven kilometers southeast of the famous tourist town of Bevagna. From the very moment you arrive in Montefalco, you’ll be mesmerized by the charm of the countryside, in which you get after you pass through the ancient walls that guard it! Definitely a place you ought to visit in Italy.

4. The Langhe, Piedmont

If we exclude its ski resorts, then it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Piedmont is pretty much unknown (at least to the wider ‘audience’). But what about if we tell you that in the middle of that insane abundance of quality foods that had come out of the Italian cuisine, this small province is at the top of Italy’s gastronomic culture?! Does that (already) bring water to your mouth? We won’t blame you if it did! Especially when you combine it with the area’s excellent wineries, trust us, you’ll have all the reasons in the world to visit it.

5. Portovenere, Liguria

Although in the bottom of our list, the Ligurian Portovenere is far from being the last. We’re talking about one of the most charmingly outstanding places in the Italian west coast. There are numerous UNESCO places, that are protected as the World Heritage Site, and amongst them, we’ll only mention the villages of Cinque Terre, and Portovenere. Everything else is simply a ‘bonus’.

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