This Pink Beach In The Philippines Has Been Named As One of The Best Beaches In The World

Meet The Philippines’ Pink Beach – Named As One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World By Many!

When we are talking about the places (or areas) in the world, no matter whether it’s in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian ocean, or wherever else, that had been ‘gifted’ with some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches, it’s really a challenge to find a place that could top the Philippines.

There’s a good reason how come the local people, as well as the tourists and travellers from all over the globe who are visiting them, practically never run out of reasons to constantly search and explore what their beautiful country has to offer. And amongst them, it’s the famous National Geographic Magazine, that seems to be on the same page as the others.

As a matter of a fact, just recently, the famous magazine has published their choice for the world’s best and most beautiful beaches, which they named it as the “21 Best Beaches in The World”

And one thing worth mentioning is that Zamboanga’s Santa Cruz Island, appeared on it too, and it wasn’t on the lower half, we could tell you that much!

It has been given the nickname, the Pink Beach, of Santa Cruz Island, and as you could assume, the reason for it is that it’s covered with a stunningly beautiful and originally colored pink sand, which appears that it is as a result of the crushed red organ pipe coral, which constantly washes away on its shores from the ocean.

People quickly realized this beach’s enormous tourist potential, so the Zamboanga’s local government began regulating the travellers. Thus, in a case you decide to visit the Pink Beach, you will have to get in touch with their local tourist office, because free staying over night is not yet allowed.

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