Spain’s Cies Islands: 7 Interesting Facts

Thanks to their crystal clear waters, white sands that reminds of powder, and typical tropical vibes, there’s no surprise that Spain’s Cies Islands used to be called “The Islands of the Gods”, since the Roman times.

And probably the most interesting fact about the Cies Islands is that unlike most of the other Spanish islands, they’re not located in the Mediterranean Sea. They are located along the Atlantic coast, which is very close to Britain.

Did you know that?

So, today we’re going to tell you about other interesting and intriguing facts about the so called Cies Islas.

1). The Cies Islands are the hosts of “World’s Best Beach”

Yes, these beautiful islands are a home to not one, but nine idyllic beaches, out of which, the one known as Praia das Rodas is by far the most famous, and by many, considered to be the most beautiful. Beginning with its white sands, right off the shore, they convert into surreal sand dunes, which is why the local people are calling it ‘The Caribbean beach’.

2). They used to be hideaway for pirates

Because the Cies Islands appear to be as a kind of a natural gateway of the Vigo’s estuary into the Atlantic, it’s no wonder how come so many pirates from England used to find them so attractive, for various ‘activities’. As we’re sure you’re guessing, one of those activities was storing loots and building their safe hideaways, where they could plan their next ‘accomplishments’. Would you be surprised that many claim there are hidden treasures till this very day?!

3). No better place for hiking

The islands have 4 official hiking routes, that were specially designed for the purpose, and if you ask us, the Monte Faro 7 kilometers long route to the lighthouse, that goes through a forest full with menthol plants and eucalyptus trees, is probably the best one. We definitely recommend it to anyone who plans to visit the islands. Also, lake Los Niños is an ideal picnic destination.

4). Home to a large bird population

Besides the inevitable seagulls, there are over 400 couples of Iberian guillemots – a species that’s facing a real threat of final extinction. There are also huge birds of prey, woodpeckers, as well as the usually greedy pelicans.

5). Perfect for stargazing

Thanks to the very low level of pollution, these islands are also an ideal spot for stargazing, and believe it or not, you can see stardust sprinkles each and every night!

6). It has its own campsite

Not just that it is right next to the beach, but it also gives the visitors a perfect sun protection, thanks to the eucalyptus trees and a canopy of fragrant pine. Also, there’s an abundance of pitches that come with surprisingly affordable prices, especially given their exclusivity in this place. Once you get to the islands, you could either rent a tent, or bring your very own – it doesn’t matter.

7). It has a ‘hidden’ restaurant and beach bar

Unlike the campsite restaurants, that are a common knowledge, not so many of the tourists even get to learn that there’s a small and secluded restaurant just over the Rodas Beach (although there’s a sign that says drinks and food on Spanish – Comida y bebidas). There are several small buildings, where waiters serve you with a super-tasty and fresh seafood of all kinds. We won’t even mention the mouth-watering Galicia’s Albariño wines…

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