Planning the Perfect Solo Trip to Hawaii (Women’s Guide)

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Hawaii is the best island in the world, according to some people. And we believe that you should go on a solo trip in Hawaii. Yes, it’s a travel destination for couples but a trip to Hawaii should do the trick even if you are traveling alone.

solo trip to hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect destination for newlyweds and we know that, but sometimes traveling alone is the perfect experience to get in order to know you a little better.

Here is what we cover in this guide:

Which islands should you visit if you are alone in Hawaii?


trip to maui hawaii

Maui is the first island that pops up as a favorite island for solo travel. This island is known for having a lot of couples and it’s a hotspot for family trips but solo travelers can have some fun too.

Surfing is the number one opportunity if you are a beginner. Just go to Kihei and you can find surfing schools that will make you fall in love with surfing. And as a beginner, you won’t have a problem because Kihei is a place with the best beginner waves on Hawaii.

maui beach hawaii

But Maui is not just perfect for surfing, you can hike around the island without a problem and having a group of new friends will surely make your experience even better.

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But if you are tired from all of the hiking around Maui then go for a rain shower that you can get to a spa in Maui. The famous rain shower is typical for Maui and it will make you feel relax all day long.


Oahu is famous for the turtle bay, where you can hike the trail and see turtles walking around. This hike is long and the beautiful oceanfront trails will make your experience even better.

snorkelling bay in oauhu hawaii

If you want to visit a museum than a visit to Duke’s museum is a must. Duke Kahanamoku is the person who made surfing famous. So giving him some respect with visiting this museum is a must to see who was responsible for the surfing classes in Portugal.


Kayaking in Kauai is one of the greatest ways to explore the island. Wailua River has great sceneries for people that like kayaking and it will take you deep inside the tropical rainforest. At the end of the river, you can hike to the secret waterfall.

solo female traveler at kauai waterfall hawaii

If you want to sail and see the island from a different perspective then you can do that in Kauai. The coastline on the northwestern shore can be seen only from a boat and you can sale alone with an organized boat ride.

Is it safe to travel Hawaii alone?

The island of Hawaii is very safe if that is your concern. Many tourists flock to this paradise of islands and having a won’t be a problem for anyone. Just imagine that people with small kids are coming here so there is nothing to worry about safety.

solo female traveler having a great time on a hawaii beach

Many women and men are traveling on this island alone to have some fun and to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Hawaii.

active volcano hawaii

The only problems that Hawaii has are the volcanoes. Before going to Hawaii you should check if there is an active volcano at that moment because nothing will save you from a natural disaster as a volcano. If the Hawaiian government is expecting a volcano eruption you will be well informed to not visit this particular place.

How to plan your solo trip to Hawaii?

Before going on a solo trip around Hawaii you should be well informed about everything that might happen on the trip. A well-organized trip is always welcomed with travelers especially if you are traveling alone. Having in mind that people are constantly traveling alone there is nothing to worry about your trip but be well prepared for the upcoming solo voyage.

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Money is always the main issue people are facing while traveling. No matter if your choice is to stay at a hotel, hostel or hitchhike and couchsurf around Hawaii you will need to manage the costs of the trip. Planning on booking the accommodation upfront is always a great idea. If you sleep in a paid accommodation or couch surf around Hawaii bear in mind the prices for a hotel or hostel might increase as the season changes.

The next thing to prepare is to book a plane ticket to Hawaii. It’s easy to plan if you are from the USA but if you are from Europe or any other region that is not close to Hawaii you might pay more for the plane ticket then an average American. But booking upfront will surely give you an amazing deal.

Visas are also a must if you plan a visit to Hawaii because it’s part of the USA. If you need a visa please check with your USA Embassy and ask them about the whole procedure.

boat trip hawaii

The places that you will visit are all very close to each other but you will have to book upfront if you want to visit other islands, not just one. There are boat trips to other islands and bear in mind that you will also have to fly from one island to another. Not all of the islands are accessible by boat to some of them you will have to fly. There are tours that you can book in advance to island hop around Hawaii.


Before visiting Hawaii you will surely have to prepare very well for the upcoming trip. But planning a trip is always a great idea because it makes you very happy about the actual trip. And while you are visiting this island country go with a positive vibe because everyone is there to have a great time. We encourage you to go to Hawaii alone and have a blast.

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