World’s 10 Most Romantic Places to Travel on Valentine’s Day (2019)

worlds most romantic places to travel on valentines day

Surprising your loved one with a romantic trip for Valentine is the perfect gift. It will surely create a new spark in your relationship.

But, what if you don’t know where to take your loved one?

That’s why we created the complete list of the world’s most romantic places to travel on Valentine’s day.

These destinations are the most favorite ones among couples around the world.

Top Romantic Places in Europe

Europe is seen as the continent with the highest number of romantic destinations that can be reached in just a couple of hours by plane.

couple at the beach

Imagine this; if you live in Estonia, you can grab a plane and arrive in Spain in a few hours.

Santorini, Greece

couple in a pool in santorini

Ask a couple that has visited Santorini in Greece “Did you like it? Almost every couple will say “Yes, yes, yes! We loved it! ”

This small island in Greece is a world-famous destination not only for Europeans but for people from all over the world.

Just imagine the idyllic hotels, all white houses, and fantastic cuisine on one small island.

The island is almost always packed with tourists.

But, many hotels and villas will give you a complete isolation, which is fabulous for just the two of you.

Paris, France

We started with Santorini because it’s a divine location that has access to a sea, of course.

But, Paris is the Mecca for any couple.

valentines getaway paris

There have been many proposals in Paris, and we all know that it’s a place where it’s not a good idea to tie your shoe if you don’t plan to propose her.

But Paris will always be Paris, the most romantic place in Europe.

The food is well known worldwide, the French people will surely make up for the atmosphere, and the many cute restaurants and patisseries will give you a chance to prove to her how romantic you can be.

Florence, Italy

Nothing beats the old classical Italy.

romantic getaway in florence

With picturesque mountains, food that will make you ask for more, world-famous fashion and of course the most beautiful people, Italy will always be the most romantic country in the world.

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For Valentine our recommendation is Florence.

Granada, Spain

When you mix passion and fantastic food you will get in Spain. A dreamy place not just for Valentine but for any month of the year.

granada spain valentine getaway couple

While visiting Granada, the best practice is to visit the Alhambra palace at sunset.


People that live in the United States of America, should visit a place that’s closer to them than to travel all the way to Europe.

Here are our recommended romantic places to visit in the Americas (North America, Central America and South America).

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii is always a top destination for any couple.

When we were kids, we heard stories about someone going to Hawaii to propose, and to have a romantic wedding on the beach.

couple standing under a waterfall in kauai hawaii

Tons of movies are being filmed at this spot, and almost all of them are somehow romantic.

Little cute bars, fantastic beaches, and magical sunsets.

What would you like more?

If you want to feel spoiled why don’t you go for a couples massage at Grand Hyatt?

St. Martin, Caribbean

The Caribbean lifestyle is probably the most famous phrase used in the world when you want to have some peace and a laid back atmosphere.

couple at saint martin beach carribean island

St. Martin is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, and we are sure you will love the fantastic white sand beaches.

You will never go wrong if you choose another Caribbean destination, but St. Martin for us is the ideal romantic location to be.

Denver, Colorado

Since Valentine’s Day is in February, a great spot to be present with fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains covered with snow in Denver in Colorado.

most romantic place in america denver colorado

It will be a magnificent gift for your loved one.

Imagine, cuddling in a hot tub in a cozy hotel with a hot drink in your hand while enjoying the magnificent views of the snow.

To fill out your day with activities, you can visit the theater district or grab a romantic dinner at the many restaurants.

Our Favorite

The Maldives

The Maldives has always been a valentine getaway for the rich and famous, and we can’t argue with that.

romantic couple at the maldives on valentine

We love this it because it’s one of the most favorite places to visit if you want to spoil your loved one.

The islands have always been the spot where you can have the complete serenity if you pay extra, and you will surely have the flawless romantic holiday.

One of the best beaches to visit is the Peaceful Reethi Beach.

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The French Polynesian Island Bora Bora is a romantic destination for nearly all couples around the world.

valentine getaway on bora bora

This island is an exciting destination because many young people are living there. The majority of the population living there are youngsters.

If you want to visit a world-class hotel and feel amazed by their professionalism, visit the St. Regis Resort, you won’t regret it.

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Bali, Indonesia

A very famous destination not just for romantic holidays or honeymooners, but for expats to go and live a tropical lifestyle as digital nomads.

bali indonesia couple valentines day getaway

Some would call it a paradise on Earth because of the fantastic beaches, the lush tropical jungles, and the relaxed atmosphere.

While on Bali we would recommend you to visit the Bali Swing in Ubud, where you can take some fantastic photos of your loved one.

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