10 Reasons Why Japan Is Awesome For Solo Female Travel

When I headed out to Japan, I knew that I’m not going in this most Eastern country to see whether it’s truly safe as they say it is, or whether it is or it isn’t the right place for a woman who’d just decided to travel all by herself. This wasn’t my first time travelling as a solo female (far from it), but I must admit that I had no idea that the very fact that I was in this beautiful country all by myself, totally blew me away!

Besides feeling much safer than home, in the US, I made some honest new friends I never expected, and I couldn’t register a single moment when I didn’t feel that I’m 100% safe, no matter where I went, or decided to enter. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine that there’s a females only accommodation options and transportation means.

So, based on my experience, today I’m going to number you my ten reasons why Japan is a perfect country for a female solo travel!

1). Japanese people are always there to help you, greet you, and make you feel as comfortable and welcome as humanly possible! Even in the moments when there wasn’t anyone who was speaking English around me (mainly elderly citizens), they have obviously noticed my confusion, and kept approaching me, trying to help me in any way they can. This is something totally unimaginable in any other country, and I visited plenty of them, in every continent.


2). Literally everyone you’re going to meet is so respectful to one another, greets you with a smile on their faces and makes you feel like you truly matter. To tell you the truth, after only one day, I totally accepted the cultural tradition of bowing to people I met for the first time. Also, it appears that all Japanese people are so elegant and classy in their dressing, just as they are polite in their manners.

3).There’s not a single moment you’ll ever feel someone’s judging you, or get that feeling of being an outcast, or feel threatened by anyone! Just as it happened to me before, at the beginning I was thinking I’m going to feel a bit uneasy for travelling all on my own, but the Japanese people changed that for me from day one!


4) Actually, it appears that it’s perfectly normal for a female to be on her own in this country! As I was strolling down the streets of Tokyo for the first time, I couldn’t help noticing numerous women alone, or having a lunch in a restaurant all by themselves, riding on the subways and busses alone – and it’s all perfectly normal1

5) Can you believe that there’s a special women-only accommodations?! And not just that, but there are female-only buses, a female-only hotel cabins, women only floors in the hotels – it’ll make you feel as if you’re in a huge sorority house.

Japan Female accomodation

6). From the very moment you step in Japan, you notice that there are rules and regulations – pretty much like in every other country, but the level of organization is simply incomparable! For example, everyone has their phone ringer off whilst riding in the subway, so that they won’t bother others with it. Then there’s almost no trash-cans, yet you won’t see a piece of trash anywhere, because the rules say you must take your trash with yourself and everyone respect it.

7) Besides being very safe, it’s truly easy and affordable to go around the country. I’m sure we’ve all seen images and clips on how perfect the trains in Japan are, how fast and impeccable in every way they are, but I didn’t expect them to be also quite so cheap! Also, the entire rail system is perfectly secure, you won’t meet a single face that may creep you out!

Japan travel, cheap and easy

8) Japanese are simply very courteous to the visitors from outside. For example, just as with any new place you’re visiting for the first time, you often feel disoriented, and don’t have an idea where things are. But unlike all the other places, in Japan this really isn’t a big problem, because anyone’s willing to help you with anything. And that’s ‘only’ as a plus to all the officials who are doing it as a profession – helping foreigners with their needs.

9) Eating alone is the most normal thing to do. And not just normal, but quite a common thing, one might even say a routine. There’s even such places that are specialized for people to order in them, get their meal and simply walk away.

Japan traditional Sushi

10). Even though people don’t speak English very fluently, everyone’s ready to chat with you. Most of the people I met were willing to learn where I’m coming from, find out something about my country, offer me tips how to get what I want and need, the best way and most easily. And one thing I couldn’t miss out was that all Japanese people are very proud of their country, and after this experience, I completely understand why’s that!

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