Paradise Found In The Cook Islands!

If you’re able to find another Pacific island that’s more suitable for a picture postcard, that represents the earthly paradise better than the Aitutaki in the South Pacific, we dare you (double dare you), to show it to us! It’s simply a place that immediately takes your breath away and leaves you looking for your jaw all over the floor!

There’s a good reason why people call it Cook Islands’ jewel, and it’s located exactly in the middle spot between Hawaii and New Zealand, or a quarter-hour flight from the Rarotonga, the main island of the archipelago. It’s one of the very few places on the planet, where water is indeed just as they describe it (and beyond) – impossibly blue!

There’s no doubt that the very moment the first European people had seen it (and the history says it was HMAS Bounty’s crew, back in 1789), though they just arrived in the sailors’ paradise. Unfortunately, those very same people will later on become part of the infamous history, regarding the mutiny on the ship Bounty.

Fast forward 150 or 160 years, and we’re finding the island ‘inhabited’ by the soldiers of the American and New Zealand’s army, in the period of WWII, who built the island’s first airstrip. Since then, it’s been used for all kinds of purposes, until it became what it is today. A sleepy group of islands with only 1 800 inhabitants, and an abundance of ultra-luxurious resorts, out of which the Aitutaki’s overwater bungalows could be described as the most famous, and the only ones of its kind on the Cook Islands. In a case you’re the one of those who could afford it, trust us, it’ll be an experience you’ll carry with you forever!

In order to get to Aitutaki, you should reserve a trip from Rarotonga, and there’s all kinds of them, from flights, lagoon cruises, and others, that are happening several times a day. If you want to let go off the contemporary and high tech, and feel how the Polynesian voyagers from the past used to sail, you have an option of a 6-hour cruise, with the 21-metre long vessel known as Titi ai Tonga, which is an original replica of one from back in the days.

While on Titi ai Tonga, the crew makes several stops along the way, and one of them is on the One Foot Island, the place with such a white sand, it reminds people on pearls. Another interesting thing about this place is that the locals have ‘planted’ a real underwater garden, and as a result of it, there’s an abundance of tropical fish. One other thing that might come handy on this place, is the existence of a post office, with its very own original stamp, ‘naturally’, in a shape of a foot!

Aitutaki’s accommodation options:

Once you arrive to Aitutaki, the visitor has a choice of 5, 4 and 3-star properties.

5-star Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa

cook islands

The only one that’s located right on the lagoon, it’s made out of bungalows alone and it’s strictly adults only.

4-star Tamanu Beach Resort

This one has added gardens to the bungalow-style rooms, that have a perfect view of the ocean, as well as beachfront rooms. We won’t even mention the perfect sunset view it offers to its occupiers….

3-star Aitutaki Village

Located very close to the airport, on the island’s northern side, the Aitutaki Village offers a dozen of romantic bungalows, each one with its own garden, and only several feet from the beach.

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