Pacific Islands: On Tonga’s Golden Shores

In a case your biggest priority, whilst choosing a holiday (or a vacation) destination, is tranquillity, Vava’u would be your ideal choice. It’s a place, for which you could rest assured that aside from the occasional ‘quarrels’ of the flying foxes, the morning crowing of the roosters, and the church bells ringing, you’ll have all the ideal conditions for a perfect holiday, where you’d be able to charge your batteries.

Vava’u is the main aisle in this archipelago, situated about an hour-long flight from the Fuamotu airport in Tonga. One of the places for staying that we recommend is the Mystic Sands in Utungake Village (a very short ride from the town of Neiafu), which is a combo of small units, an apartment on the 2nd floor, and a bit bigger beachfront house. The entire place is self-catering, with the very own taxi, that’ll regularly take you to the local markets and food stores, whenever you want, and there’s also the option for homemade meals served to you. Of course, there’s a bar and a restaurant, in a case that’s your preference.

When you’re in Tonga, we’ll recommend one thing we always do, and that’s to do the things locals do – visit the local churches, or the surrounding plantations, where they produce and prepare beans for vacuum-packing. Trust us, although these activities may sound trivial, they’ll give you plenty of pleasure and a peace of mind (if that’s what you’re seeking for).

The way the owners explain, they fell in love in Vava, the moment they arrived here whilst being on a sailing trip. That was back in 2006 when they set a foot on this beautiful piece of land from their yacht, and quickly decided to open up this establishment here, which, in collaboration with their partners, it evolved into a lucrative business.

One of the features that make Vava’u group so popular is the sailing fraternity, and the fact that the location is known as a prime gathering spot for the majestic humpback whales.

Now, when it comes to Tongatapu, the main island, in a case you decide to stay at the Heilala Lodge (heilala is the national flower of Tonga), you’d be able to see first hand the westernmost tip of this wonderful island. However, you have more than enough choices for staying, if you want to see some of the main sights.

We refer to locations like the blowholes at Houma, for which no words in the tour guides’ maps and other descriptions can even begin to prepare you (let alone truly describe it) for the majestic length of the coastline, where you can watch how the sea is pounding the rocks roaring, and as a result of it, there’s an entire network of narrow tunnels that are having their own show, sea spraying and billowing up.

Another impressive site is the place where the famous Captain Cook had landed back in the late 18th century, and then 2 centuries later, in 1970, Princess Anneand the Duke of Edinburgh visited the place again, where once a banyan tree used to stand up.

One of the common sights throughout Tonga is seeing the so-called ‘fishing pigs’, and practically there isn’t a household that doesn’t own (at least) a few. As a matter of a fact, they even have a Village of the Snorkelling Pigs, that’s highly renowned, where you’ll see pigs of all shapes and sizes, hanging on the beaches, mainly digging for shellfish.

I mean, Tonga’s golden shores are definitely a destination where everyone will find something interesting, from everything above mentioned, through the beautiful networks of limestone caves, spending time in marvellous Nuku’alofa, and plenty of more, which we’ll leave for you, to discover on your own.

We hope that our article would be a good inspiration for you to visit this beautiful group of islands, especially if you’re a type of person who’s looking for a real peace during his/her holiday, and of course if you liked the things we’ve just described to you.

Have a nice one!

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