The New Biggest Cruise Ship in the World

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Are you a type of person who loves and enjoys travelling in the open sea, partying on the biggest, latest and most mesmerizing cruising ships, that are equipped with the latest and state of the art entertainment systems, the cutting edge technology that makes your experience on the ship something that resembles an ‘out of body’ experience?

In the moments when you are not in a hurry to get to some distant place (most likely on the other side of the globe, or even ‘only’ at the ‘neighbouring’ continent), but actually love to take your time and enjoy the trip, do you prefer an airplane, or a ship? Would you give yourself the right to be ‘listed’ as a person who is a true cruise ship aficionado, who would not miss a chance to take a voyage all over the globe, the very first chance you get?

Well, if the answer to all these above mentioned questions is ‘Yes”, or “I’m a ship person, most definitely”, then there is no doubt that you will be (quite) interested and impressed by the subject that we have prepared for you today – an introduction to the latest, state of the art, and (maybe most importantly) the biggest cruise ship in the world!

And here’s how the things stand, with this new ‘floating’ mountain in the open sea.

This monumental beauty has no less, but 2 750 cabins, that are capable of giving a top of the line accommodation to 6 850 privileged guests, maximum (some data says that the actual number is 6 780, but…).

All these numbers make it (by far) the largest cruiser in the world at this moment. The name of this impressive constructional, designers and engineering perfection is Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

If you are interested in its basic trades and features, we’ll tell you that it is a World Class’ “Y” shape, and thanks to it, the cruiser’s balcony cabins have a lot more space than what can be usually seen and experienced.

And of course, such a state of the art machine wouldn’t be what it is, if it was running on the ‘outdated’ energy sources. No, sir! This cruiser will be powered by the latest engines, operating on a liquefied natural gas. The ship also features ‘family friendly’ villages, a glass pool lounge, with a panoramic aft.

And would you be surprised if we tell you that the dimensions of the boats are also quite astonishing, measuring 154 ft by 1 082 ft.?!

That’s why the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas weighs staggering 200 000 GRT (although this is an insane weight, it is still a bit below Harmony of the Seas).

According to the information we’ve got, the MSC Cruises have announced their new order for the latest huge ships, during the inauguration of their latest cruise ship, “Meraviglia” (it accommodates 5 714 passengers), which had the honor of being visited by Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France.

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