Visiting Asia: Ultimate guide for 2018

Everything that a person can imagine of seeing can be seen in Asia. From great beaches, to amazing islands, skyscrapers, amazing food and in some places the summer never ends. Asia is a beautiful part of the world that has something for everyone.


visiting asia

Asian Countries and Regions

Asia is a huge continent with many countries and cultures, so it’s difficult to mention where you should go and what to do, but we will try to give you some kind of hints on where to go in Asia.

Southeast Asia

phi phi island thailand


luang prabang laos

If you like countries with huge skyscrapers, amazing nightlife, great food and a little bit of culture then head on to South-East Asia for a change. 

If you are tired of countries where they have a laidback culture maybe a visit to Taiwan is for you. 

South-East Asian countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, a few parts of Eastern India and a few more.

South-East Asia is a famous travel destination for backpackers. These countries are made for these “nomadic travelers” because it is offering everything that a backpacker needs. 

And what can be better than backpacking through South-East Asia?

Western Asia

bahrain western asia

Asia has many other regions worth visiting. Someone likes Western Asia and to visit countries that are from the Arab world.

The Western part of Asia includes Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain and Cyprus.

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East Asia

beijing china

China, Honk Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea and South Korea are all part of the subregion East Asia.

Some of the biggest metropolises of Asia are located in the Eastern region, so if you like big cities the East Asia is your way to go.

What are the Best Asian Countries that you Must Visit?

According to us and many other people we asked the must visit Asian countries are:

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moscow russia

moscow russia

If you are planning a trip to Asia then you can’t miss Russia. It’s a vast territory and it’s the biggest country by territory. It spans from Europe to the very end of Asia. With cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, you can’t deny the fact that Russia is a place not worth visiting.

And it’s the host of 2018 World Cup so those who have been there will see that there are cities that will blow your mind.


baku azerbaijan

baku azerbaijan

And that’s not all have you heard about Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan? It’s a place where some experts are saying it will be the next Dubai. And you might wonder why that might be?

Well, they have plenty of natural resources in oil and the country has seen a tremendous transformation from an ex-soviet country to a democratic country that is a leader of innovation and architecture in the region.



persepolis iran

But if you want to see a little bit of history around central Asia, we encourage you to visit Iran. This old country dating from the Persian country has everything that you want to see.

Even if this country is on the blacklist in the USA and many other western countries, it’s an amazing country worth visiting and rich with history. Another great fact about Iran is that it’s a backpacker’s paradise. Backpackers love this country because it’s relatively safe.


samarkand uzbekistan

samarkand uzbekistan

road to samarkand

road to samarkand

Another ex-soviet country that transitioned to the 21st century and became a modern state that held on to their old roots.

This beautiful country has amazing looking cities that have architecture dating from the middle age.

Their architecture can be seen in famous cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Termez, Kokand, and Shakhrisabz.

Actually, you can see the magnificent Islamic architecture everywhere around Uzbekistan but these cities are the center of all, and especially the mosques, palaces, and mausoleums will bring you back in time and you will be amazed by the architecture of this place.


bali indonesia

bali indonesia

jakarta indonesia

jakarta indonesia

Our top pick for visiting Southeast Asia is Indonesia. This huge island country is made out of thousands of island that are scattered around the area between Australia and Thailand. It is a huge country of around 260 million people and is most famous for the beautiful beaches in Bali.

Bali is an island in Indonesia that is offering everything that a honeymooner wants. Recently is a famous hub for digital nomads and entrepreneurs that are planning on saving some money and escaping to a place that is close to paradise.

Bali is home to great coffee and food, fantastic sandy beaches and great weather almost 365 days of the year.

A visit to Indonesia is a must and while you are there you can visit Jakarta because it’s a huge city of around 9 million people and a hub for everyone that is planning on visiting Indonesia.


bangkok nightclub

bangkok nightlife


phi phi island thailand

phi phi island thailand

If you are looking for a crazy night out for your bachelor party, then head on to Bangkok the craziest city in Southeast Asia. 

Thailand is a country that has everything that a young man needs and wants. Great beaches, amazing food, the weather is great for heading to the beach all day, and many girls to choose from.
Thailand and especially Bangkok is famous for the sex tourism industry with many Go-Go bars with girls to choose from and even Ladyboys are present there. So if you are planning a crazy night out for your bachelor party, then Bangkok is for you.

But, Thailand as a country is not only famous for the sex tourism industry, but also for the many fantastic beaches around Thailand and little islands that will take your breath away. A visit to Krabi and Chiang Mai is all you need to say that you will never leave this country.

So, the beauty of Thailand is that if you want a crazy nightlife you can head on to Bangkok.

But, if you want to cuddle with your loved one then a visit to the fantastic beaches will do the trick.


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taipei taiwan

taipei taiwan

hiufen taiwan

hiufen taiwan

Probably you have heard about Taiwan on the news that it’s a place where modern technology and skyscrapers are present, but you were not sure if you should go there.

Well, Taiwan is a must visit destination in Southeast Asia for the modern lifestyle and great food. It’s a small country with not a huge population but Taipei is a city that is trying to make Singapore and Hong Kong looking boring.

Taipei is famous for the landmark called Taipei 101, the tallest structure in SEA and it was the tallest building in the world until Burj Khalifa was built in 2010. It’s a magnificent modern structure that is a world class architectural masterpiece. 


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South Korea

Unique Things To Do in Seoul

seoul at night

top things to do in seoul


South Korea is one of the leading technologically advanced country in Asia and in the world. With companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG it’s more likely that you have heard about these companies before but you were not sure if they were from South Korea.

Having a strong economy and currently great cooperation with its neighbor North Korea, this amazing country has lots to offer.

Seoul is the capital and largest city in South Korea and this city is famous for its gaming industry and connection with the technology industry.

It has a lot of themed cafes and there are many strange and unique things to do in Seoul. While it’s not typical for people from the Western part of the world, it’s quite normal in SEA.

Solo Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is huge and many solo travellers are visiting this vast continent, because some of the destinations are considered as a solo travellers heaven. Some of these countries might surprise you but believe us, many travellers are heading to these countries especially South-East Asian countries.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This amazing country is not just a solo travellers paradise, but also it’s considered to be female solo friendly country. And the best part is that it’s really cheap. We love countries that are great for solo travellers and also cheap, just add a bonus that it has amazing temples to visit.


ho chi minh

ho chi minh

Vietnam is famous for being a country where it has it all. From busy cities like Ho Chi Minh to great nature and fantastic beaches. This country is a favourite amongst travellers who want to experience South-East Asia from a different perspective. And while South Korea might be expensive this country is very cheap.

Cheap Asia Destinations for 2019

Asia is cheap compared to the Western countries. But people are maybe thinking twice because of the expensive flight tickets, but if you find a cheaper ticket just head on to one of the countries and then start backpacking around Asia.

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khong pha peng waterfalls

This landlocked country which is a neighbour of Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia, and we simply love it. It has many things to offer but it’s still a country that needs to develop.

So while it’s not well developed the country will be cheap but in the future it might become more expensive than it is now.


bagan myanmar

bagan myanmar

Another country that is really cheap and beautiful is Myanmar.

This country has fantastic beaches, and amazing food. Beside food and fantastic beaches it is considered a heaven for people traveling solo. And also it’s very safe to travel as a girl in this country.


philippines boracay

Philippines Boracay

A lot of activities can be made possible in this island country. First of all it’s a cheap destination where the food is great and the weather is amazing.

Second if you want to surf you can do that, if you want to trek around a mountain, you can do that also, and third the hospitality of the people is amazing. Philippines will dazzle you with the many endless things you can do in this great island country.

Final Words

Asia is a huge continent that has many great countries and fantastic places to visit. We are sure that we gave you some glimpse of what you can expect in this part of the world and that you are already packing for your next travel.

Exploring this magnificent part of the world will surely make you feel happy and with many different cultures you will meet around Asia will surely make you want to come again and again.