Times Square New Year’s Eve: Ultimate Guide for 2019

times square nyc new years eve

The old classical way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to visit Times Square in NYC. New Year’s Eve in New York City is definitely a destination that everyone has to visit.

nyc ball drop

Times Square is the meeting point and people all around the world are flocking to visit this amazing destination.

From famous DJs and artists to world-famous fireworks and amazing people all around you, millions of people are visiting Manhattan for the event of the lifetime.

In this Times Square New Year’s Eve ultimate guide, that we prepared for you, you will read all about the famous destination and the places to sleep for the best night of your life.

Parties around NYC

The parties around NYC are world famous and top class. If you want to visit a party destination for all times, then a visit to NYC is surely the perfect choice. Having rooftop parties, amazing DJs and many famous artists in one place surely will make any party animal satisfied.

jimmys night club new york

One of the clubs which is worth visiting (of course you should book in advance) for the New Year celebration is Jimmy for the world-class views and amazing food. The Dj will be present until 1 AM so after that it’s better to either go home or go to another club.

If you want to go to a club with a party ending at 4 AM then head on to Gatsby’s House.

great gatsby party nyc
Great Gatsby’s House

There are a couple of options for tickets but whichever you choose you will not be sorry for it. But if you are looking for more options to choose from then head on to a Club Crawl. You can find a couple of options available and we assure you none of them is a bad option. Book your ticket in advance and you will see what the clubs in NYC have to offer.

Club Crawl New York
Club Crawl New York

Club Crawl New YorkThere are a couple of options for tickets but whichever you choose you will not be sorry for it. But if you are looking for more options to choose from then head on to a Club Crawl. You can find a couple of options available and we assure you none of them is a bad option. Book your ticket in advance and you will see what the clubs in NYC have to offer.

When should you arrive?

The best practice when you are traveling to New York City for New Year’s Eve is to come early.

But how many hours earlier it really depends on the tourists and how many people are planning to come.

So the New Year’s Eve party at Times Square starts at around 8 PM when the first artist will start and we believe the best time to come is at around 6 PM because that’s the time when the Ball will be lit.

ball drop times square new years eve

Some people are coming even 3-4 hours earlier but we believe that it is not necessary.

So coming one to two hours earlier will be Ok for anyone. Grab a spot and don’t move. Much of NYC will be closed for traffic so please remember that you should come by public transport.

Check online which is the best option (we believe it’s the metro) and come. Be aware that maybe you will have to walk a little bit but that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

What to bring?

We would recommend you to bring your own food and water (but not too much water).

If you don’t want to bring food with you the best option is to eat beforehand, and don’t bring too much water because there are no toilets around.

ball drop party times square

Once you are in the Balldrop party if you leave it there is no turning back.

So go to the toilet beforehand, eat well, bring only one small bottle of water, and that’s it.

What is the Ball Drop for?

The Ball Drop is a symbol of New York City that started in 1907-1908 celebration. It was designed from Artkraft Strauss, and it symbolized the end of the year and beginning of the New Year. It was used ever since except for 1942-1943 because of the ongoing war.

times square ball drop

A status symbol that is worth visiting, and nowadays many news outlets are talking every single year about the New Year Time square Ball Drop.

Watch the video, and see what’s the atmosphere alike.

Where is the Ball Drop located?

The Ball Drop is located on Times Square on the roof of One Times Square.

What are the best hotels to view the Ball Drop?

If you want to sleep in a hotel with a view of the Ball Drop, you definitely won’t be traveling on a budget in NYC. The hotels that offer this perfect view are all world class but we believe that with a little bit more spending you could definitely have the greatest room of all.

Here are some hotels with a Ball Drop view and that we would recommend.

residence inn marriot hotel central park nyc
Residence Inn Marriott Hotel

Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan is the perfect hotel in New york for New Years Eve. The best room that you should book is on the 65th floor or higher. These rooms have the perfect view of the Ball Drop.

marriott marquis new york city hotel
Marriott Marquis Hotel

New York Marriott Marquis is also a great location to sleep because on the 48 floors they have a restaurant that serves food and drinks. On the 31st of December, they have live music playing, an open bar and fantastic views of the Ball Drop.

casablanca hotel new york city
Casablanca Hotel Times Square

If you want a room that reminds you of Morocco, then Casablanca Hotel Times Square is the perfect location to sleep in.

The rooms don’t have a view of the Ball Drop but the rooftop on top of the hotel does.

knickerbocker hotel nyc
Knickerbocker Hotel NYC

The Knickerbocker has perfect views from the rooftop terrace and the bar area. You should book in advance the different packages that they offer and enjoy the perfect view of the Ball Drop. We think that it is the best hotel in NYC for New Years Eve.

knickerbocker hotel rooftop new york city
Knickerbocker Hotel Rooftop

A Few General Tips for NYE at Times Square

We would like to give you some tips for your New Year Celebration at Times Square.

The best tip that we would like to offer you is that if you are going for the Ball Drop event, make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand, don’t eat too much and if you have to bring something a small bottle of water will do the trick.

There are no bathrooms on the event and if you leave it that’s it you have left it and there is no turning back.

The only place to go beforehand to the toilet is Port Authority Terminal. It tends to be crowded but makes sure you use it beforehand.

Prices are higher for this time of the year but if you want to come to NYC, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend than don’t sleep in over expensive hotels on Times Square.

Bring a camera, and internet sim card, because you will need to Instagram everything and take lots of pictures of the event.


If you ask us this is definitely the prime location to be at least once in your lifetime. NYC is amazingly beautiful during New Year’s Eve and it’s a place which everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetime.

rockfeller christmas tree nyc

The skyscrapers are phenomenally huge and they deserve to be seen at least once. This urban jungle is for those people that love architecture and amazingly good nightlife.

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