Planning a trip to Europe: Complete guide for 2018

If you are planning a trip to Europe and asking yourself where to start from, then read on and enjoy some fantastic photographs. We prepared a full guide for you that you can follow and maybe modify on your amazing trip around Europe.

planning a trip to europe

The Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is the perfect destination for any traveler, and as people discover amazing scenery, food to die for and cities with history beyond imaginable you can’t deny the fact that Europe has one of the best cities to visit.

Start with London

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

Westminster Bridge

If you come from the USA why don’t you start with London?

There are flights from anywhere in the USA to London and we believe this city will take your breath away.

London is considered the top destination for music and nightlife, so if you are part of the younger generation you will be amazed by the sheer places that you can have the perfect European nightlife experience. London is not just for the party animals, there are many concerts all around the city at any time and venues that will give you goosebumps when you enter.

And if you are someone that likes museums, well London has a lot of them. Starting from the British Museum and ending it with Design Museum. There are many museums to choose from in London and we believe you will also like London because the United Kingdom, as you know, is the place where Harry Potter was born.

The City of Love Paris

Arc De Triomph Paris

Eiffel tower

When you are done with the famous “British Weather” you can go to Paris to eat some fantastic food and enjoy the famous Louvre Museum.

No trip to Europe can ever be completed without a visit to Paris the city of love.

With amazing architecture, fantastic castles, all the cheese in the world and the best French cognac Paris is a place where even in a big city you can find a cozy place where you can eat all the croissants and drink a coffee like a true Parisian.

Shopping in Paris anyone?

Well, that’s why Paris is most famous for with brands like Givenchy, Prada, Versace, Hermes and many more can be found in this city alone. If you want to spend some money on a shopping spree then book your next flight to Paris and go crazy with those shopping bags.

Go For A Walk in Barcelona

park guell barcelona spain




There is no denying that a walk around Barcelona will lower your stress levels.

The magical Catalonian capital will take your breath away with amazing beaches, world-class parties and a lot of tapas. If you like a place where you can meet the most relaxed people around Europe then Barcelona should be on your bucket list.

The streets around Barcelona are perfect to walk around Barcelona and the architecture is amazing with many styles and architects leaving their mark on Barcelona.

The art culture is famous as the one in Paris and the street artists are leaving their mark around the city like the ones in Berlin.

No visit to Barcelona is finished without visiting and donating money to the Sagrada Familia church which is the most famous building in the world because they are building it with the money only from a donation from the people who are visiting Barcelona.

And the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, unfortunately, passed away without seeing it being finished.

Visiting the techno capital Berlin

berlin at night
berlin nightclub

A city like Berlin should be on the bucket list on every Euro trip. It’s also considered the least expensive capital to visit in Western Europe.

If you are on a tight budget but wants to visit Europe then visiting Berlin should be your top priority. Solo travelers and travelers on a budget love this city because it has everything a city needs to have. Plus if your parents ever visited Berlin before 1990 they will tell you stories about how Berlin was divided, and tell you that they visited “both” sides of Berlin the East and the West.

You can still visit both of the sides of Berlin and even see how the original Berlin Wall looked like. When you are at Point Charlie don’t forget to get a passport stamp from East Berlin and see how the eastern part looked like.

Nowadays Berlin is considered the techno capital and we can assure you that. If you want a true night out in Berlin try to enter in the most notorious club in the world called Berghain. They even have a website that you can try to see if you will have a chance in entering in the club.

Just a reminder the club is the most famous techno club so if you are not into that kind of music why bother waiting in line for hours?

Things to do in Europe

Europe as a continent is quite different. Having many countries in one place that differ from one another you can expect many culture shocks traveling from one country to another. From the UK and London to the southern part of Europe that is Greece there are many things to do in Europe.

If you are a party animal than visiting places like Berlin and London is the perfect vacation for you. Or if you are a foodie person than Greece, Turkey, Italy and the Balkans are for you.

If culture is the thing that you are passionate about, then a visit to the magnificent Paris and many museums in Stockholm and Vienna will do the trick. And many cities are the perfect destinations for shopping so don’t worry if you are a person that loves to shop.

From food and culture to amazing scenery European cities can offer something to even the pickiest traveling persons.

The Best Travel Apps For Your Europe Trip

In today’s technologically advanced society having a smartphone is always a plus while traveling.

First, you get to take many pictures of the amazing architecture, post amazing food on Instagram, and tag yourself in the many bars and museums around Europe on Facebook.

But social media are not the only apps that you need in order to have a nice time while you are traveling.

Wherever you travel you need a place to sleep. So if you are looking for a Hostel or a Hotel somewhere in Europe than having a app will surely make your travels easy and manage your stay. 

You can easily find great places to stay right from your mobile phone. If you fancy staying in apartments or houses then download the app and find your next property directly from your smartphone.

Google Maps will surely save you from not being lost around the city you are visiting.

It can also work offline if you download the specific neighborhood that you want to travel to, but whenever you go there is Wifi so you can update your routes constantly.

Google Maps is a perfect application that every smartphone has it already pre-installed, but if you don’t have it you will need it for your next Euro trip.

If you want to know from previous travelers about certain locations you are planning to visit with a personal recommendation then TripAdvisor is for you. This application is the best place to see reviews of accommodation and places worth visiting.

Traveling from anywhere that the Euro currency is not accepted you will need a conversion app to see how much money you will get when converting it to the country’s currency. XE Currency is the best app on the market and an application worth having on your phone.

You will never lose your next flight to Berlin. Having this amazing mobile app will give you access to more than 3000 airports and 1400 airlines around the world.

Having 24/7 screening of the airspace you will have information about your next flight and see if you will have a delay or not.

How to stay on budget

While traveling around Europe many people are asking themselves how I can travel on a budget. If you want to minimize the spending of money there are certain tips and tricks to follow.
The number one trick to spend less money in Europe is to use websites like Couchsurfing to stay at someone’s home for free.

In Europe, it’s normal to use websites like Couchsurfing to spend a night or two on someone’s couch. But if you are not a fan of this popular website then there are many hostels where you can share your room with a couple of like-minded travelers like you.

For food around Europe, why don’t you indulge in the fast food culture in the countries you are visiting?

While in Germany or Austria you have to try the famous Wurst. In the UK having fish and chips is a great idea, and while in Poland a famous street food is Zapiekanka.
Hitchhiking is normal in Europe and also widely accepted.

If you are brave enough then put your finger out and try to travel around Europe by hitchhiking.

Final Words

Euro trip is a famous term around the world because everyone wants to travel around Europe. There are many countries worth visiting in Europe and every city has something different to offer and giving you a taste of their culture. 

Visiting the Eastern part of Europe or Western if you want to see many cultures just a couple of hours away from each other than Europe is the perfect destination even if you want to travel on a budget.