Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 at the Craziest Beach in the World – Copacabana, Brazil

Brazil is one of the most beautiful destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and we surely know why. Rio de Janeiro is a travel destination that’s worth visiting every time of the year.

The weather is fantastic and the beaches are always filled with many people, be that tourists or locals. But if you want to visit Rio, the best time to visit it is for New Year’s Eve, because in the period of the famous carnival the Rio tends to be overpriced.

nye copacabana beach rio de janerio

Believe us even on NYE (New Year’s Eve) Rio De Janeiro is amazing and you will be amazed by the people on Copacabana beach.

So, if you are planning to go, this guide for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rio De Janeiro is a must read for you. 🙂

Find the best spot for the night

The best spot in Rio is actually Copacabana beach. It’s a long beach of 4 km in length and around 2 million people are coming to dance till the morning.

If you want to be where it has lots of people around go in front of Copacabana Palace. This is the busiest area on the beach and it might not be the best place because it is overcrowded.

rio reveillon new years eve

Heading a little bit farther will do the trick. There are places called posto they are the small lifeguard buildings and they range from 1-6. So the most crowded places are from 2-4 and you will find some more space from posto 5-6.

If you arrive earlier let’s say 10 PM you will definitely find some space around this huge beach.

How to get to Copacabana beach

If you know a city that’s more chaotic on New Year’s Eve than Rio, please leave a comment on the article. We surely don’t know about a city that’s more chaotic than Rio. So don’t grab a taxi, Uber or public transport like a bus.

rio night traffic

But if you are wondering how to get to Copacabana beach, then heading to the metro system is the way to go.

The metro system works perfectly for New Year’s Eve but in order to get in you will have to buy a special pass.

The prices are the same as you would pay any other day of the year but you will need this special pass on New Year’s Eve to get in, which you can buy it at the subway company.

The subway stations are open until 5 AM in the morning and using the Siqueira Campos map will help you navigate around. You will need to be very calm and patient as many people will be using the metro so having a little bit of fun will surely do the trick.

What should you wear?

Most of the people on the beach will wear white clothing. It’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see because the whole beach is mostly white.

The clothing has some significant meaning behind it as the color white represents peace. Definitely bring something white but if you want to wear something different be sure to check the representations of the colors.

rio de janerio new years eve copacabana beach

For example yellow means money, red means passion, pink means love, green means hope, blue is for health and orange is energy.

Partying in white will surely be the color of choice but many Brazilians love to have a different color of underwear to represent some other colors like for the girls pink and for the men red underwear. If you want to party like a local just follow the dress code.

Celebrating like a local on Copacabana

After the fireworks display is finished a common tradition is to go the waters and jump over seven waves. Each wave represents one wish that you will have to think of.

rio de janerio swimming at new years eve

So if you want to act like a local go to the sea and jump the seven waves. The waves are small so keep that in mind. Everyone is heading to the sea for this tradition and you should definitely do the same.

The tradition is old and people believe that the God of the Ocean which is Lemanja watching over them and they should ask for wishes. The tradition also states that after you made the seven wishes don’t turn back because the God is seeing you and she will become angry.

rio de janerio nye

If you want to do a spiritual offering to the God of the Ocean you can get away from the crowd and do as the locals do.

nye copacabana

They are offering white flowers and float candles. Make a wish about something that you want to achieve in the next year and be thankful for the things that passed away. Making an offering is part of the Brazilian tradition.

What should you eat and drink?

Eating is an important part of the Brazilian culture and for New Year’s Eve, there is a tradition to eat well. It represents how the following will go and how lucky you will be. For instance, eating lentils represent good luck for the next 12 months.

drinking champagne at copacabana

And also drinking champagne is considered a good trait because it will give you full energy in the next 12 months, but don’t drink too much because the next day you will be left without any energy in you.

Is it safe on Copacabana?

Safety is the number one priority when going to Rio, or anywhere else in the World.

The ultimate answer is it is safe because there are many officers around for New Year’s Eve, but be careful of pick-pocketers and when you are taking pictures, be careful about your surroundings.

Try not to bring something of huge value and be careful who are you standing next to. You should always keep security a priority when you are traveling around the World, no matter where you are.


When planning your next trip to Rio, be sure to check out all of the information’s beforehand.

But we believe that this destination is always a good idea to check out, be that for the carnival, New Year’s Eve or any other month of the year.

copacabana beach nye

The Copacabana beach will surely leave you astonished and you will have many happy memories in Rio.

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