8 Reasons Why Prague is The Best New Year’s Eve Destination for 2019

prague new years eve

If you think that you have visited nearly all of the best destinations for New Year’s Eve, but you have never visited Prague, then this is the perfect opportunity to do that.

With many activities around New Year’s Eve and after that, Prague is the best New Year’s Eve destination and the perfect holiday place for the winter season. Activities include museums, beautiful parks, fantastic food, perfectly locally made beer and one of the best parties in Europe.

List of the Top Reasons

We want to tell you a couple of reasons why Prague is the best New Year’s Eve destination for everyone.

  1. The destination is cheap
  2. Watching the Fireworks in Prague
  3. The River cruises are a must for New Year’s Eve
  4. Clubbing till the end of the night
  5. Bar Crawl all night
  6. The city is beautiful no matter the time you visit it
  7. Visiting the largest castle complex in the world
  8. Charles Bridge is the perfect place to watch the sunrise

1. The destination is cheap

While traveling around Western Europe, you will see that the prices are high compared to other destinations around Europe.

new year's eve in prague

And while Prague is situated in the center of Europe, the prices are very competitive when you compare it with Amsterdam, Berlin or Stockholm.

The beer prices are crazy cheap, and you will get one of the best beers in the world.

prague beer brands

The local transport is also great and cheap, and the food is fantastically great and also very affordable.
Comparing with other European capitals, Prague is the place to visit if you are on the budget, or if you don’t want to spend lots of money.

2. Watching the Fireworks in Prague

The many parks around Prague are a center point for watching the fireworks that will start at 23:59. The best place to watch the fireworks are from Letna Park which usually is the launching place for the fireworks.

fireworks in letna park prague czech republic

If you want to watch them from the outdoors than this is the place to be because being on the main squares in Prague will surely make you uncomfortable from all of the people over there. It tends to be overcrowded with people both local and tourists alike.

But if you want to be indoors and watch the fireworks, you can book a restaurant in advance with views of the fireworks, and sitting in a warm environment; you can watch the fireworks without a problem. The food varies from place to place, but it’s amazingly beautiful and affordable.

3. The River cruises are a must for New Year’s Eve

If you want an experience where you will remember it for the rest of your life, then going on a river cruise in Prague on New Year’s Eve will surely stay in your memory for the rest of your life. Many tour operators offer this kind of services in Prague, and you need to book them in advance because the good ones are pre-booked in advance.

prague river cruise on new year's eve

Most of them offer meals and drinks for free, but there are also packages where they only offer food, and you will have to pay for the drinks. Choose a package that best fits you and enjoys the views from the river.

4. Clubbing till the end of the night

If you are a person that loves to go clubbing till the morning, then you will be positively excited about the clubbing scene in Prague. Be that New Year’ Eve or a typical Friday night, Prague has one of the greatest clubbing scenes in Europe. This capital is the best when it comes to nightlife at affordable prices.

prague new year's eve clubs

The prices are not as high as the other European capitals, but they are also not as low as the Eastern part of Europe, but it will surely be affordable for anyone that wants to party all night.

5. Bar Crawl all night

The younger generations are very familiar with the Bar Crawl experience, and they are usually doing them whenever they can. It’s an experience where you travel from one bar to another with a friend or alone.

A couple of people gather together and start from one bar and enter another and another until they end up with lots of alcohol in their stomach, and many new friends.

6. The city is beautiful no matter the time you visit it

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, no matter the season you are visiting in. In the winter holiday season it’s filled with many festive lights and activities around the whole city, but even if you visit it in the summer, you won’t be disappointed.

the best new year's eve destination prague

The architecture is one of the most exciting sights to see because it has some Gothic architecture from the 18th century. But the baroque and renaissance period architecture is also present in Prague.

7. Visiting the largest castle complex in the world

If you love castles than you should visit the largest of them all in the world. Prague castle is named the largest castle complex in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, and with 70.000 square meters, we can approve that. This castle is a must visit for every tourist coming to Prague, and we believe you will surely enjoy it a lot.

prague castle complex

A few museums here and there, a visit to the St. Vitus Cathedral and catching a glimpse at the presidential palace will surely take a couple of hours to visit this majestic castle.

8. Charles Bridge is the perfect place to watch the sunrise

If you have already finished with the New Year’s Eve party and there is still a couple of minutes till the sunrise, head on to Charles Bridge, the most famous pedestrian-only bridge in Prague.

sunrise at charles bridge prague

This is the perfect place to catch the early sunrise in Prague. Let your 2019 start with the ideal sunrise in the Center of Europe.


We believe these couple of reasons will surely make you book a ticket to Prague, and you will surely feel fantastic while being there. Visiting a city like this has to be on top of everyone’s to-do list while traveling around the world.

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