9 Best New Year’s Eve Parties in the World (2019) – You Won’t Believe Which One is No. 1

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New Year’s Eve is the only day in the year when everyone is excited. Be that a little kid or a grown up, we all want to make an impact in the New Year that comes.

Some people are waiting for the New Year’s Eve so that they can propose to their loved ones, and others are waiting to find a new partner in life.

But if you are party animal you would like to celebrate the new
2019 New Year’s Eve at the best party in the world. We at Destination for Travel (more about us) are party animals as well. 😀

That’s why we did a research and made a list of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world.

Guess in the comments where we are going for NYE this year.

List of the best NYE parties in 2019

Scroll down to discover where is the best NYE party held.

9 . Berlin, Germany

berlin new years eve

Some people are making jokes that Germans don’t know how to have fun. While that might be true they know how to party.

Berlin – the world-famous techno destination is the party epicenter of Europe. Famous DJs and one of the most notorious clubs are all present in Berlin for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to party like an animal why don’t you join Berghain’s 60 hours 2018-2019 New Year’s Eve party?

The party is going to start on 31st of December just before midnight and it is going to finish on the 2nd of January.

If you make it till the end you will be a legend. More than 40 artists will be present on the floors in Berghain.

8. London, United Kingdom

london new years eve

If Berlin is the party capital of Europe, then London is the party capital of the World.

This famous party place in Europe is surely one of the greatest locations to visit during New Year’s Eve. Mahiki London is the destination to be in London if you want to party with the famous people of London.

Even Jay-Z has been at Mahiki London so be sure to check in early and buy the tickets on time.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh's hogmanay

If you want to party for 3 straight days then you should visit Edinburgh. Hogmanay is a tradition in Scotland where a parade through the streets of Scotland is being held with light up torches in hand. After that, the fireworks are starting.

It all starts on the 30th of December. You can also hear the song “Auld Lang Syne” on the streets sang by thousands of Scots. The party is going on long in the night so be sure to drink a couple of drinks.

6. Hong Kong

honk kong new years eve party

If you want to visit Asia for New Year’s Eve than Hong Kong is the destination you would enjoy the most. With phenomenal fireworks at Victoria Hub and parties around the whole city, the residents of Hong Kong know how to party.

The best view of the fireworks and one of the best places to be in Hong Kong is Aqua Spirit. The views of Victoria Harbor are astonishing and the crowd is world class. Be sure to book your ticket because after the 25th of December they tend to be more expensive.

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

new years eve copacabana beach

The ultimate New Year’s Party in Brazil is actually on Copacabana. It’s the world’s most famous beach, where thousands of people are coming and having a blast.

It’s a place where you can meet a new friend for life while dancing on the beach.

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For this New Year, we would recommend you the Rio Reveillon party at The Jockey Club. It’s not on Copacabana beach but it will leave you astonished.

4. Sydney, Australia

sydney australia new years eve

If you want a little warmer climate and a party on the beach, then head a little bit farther to Sydney, Australia.

Bondi Beach is the ultimate location for the New Year’s Eve Party. There you can mingle with the locals and the tourists alike.

Having fun on the beach and partying till the sunrise is always a great idea if you are in Australia.

But, if you want to watch the amazing fireworks, without the thousands of people around you head on to Cockatoo Island.

If you want to book in advance be sure to check it in advance because the places are filled quickly.

3. Madrid, Spain

madrid new years eve party

No one can beat the Spanish people when it comes to partying.

While Barcelona is the party capital in Spain, we would recommend you to visit Madrid.

Madrid stole the throne of the best New Year’s Eve party city.

Grab a ticket at Kapital and enjoy the whole night filled with many people around you. The crowd is always amazing and if you book in advance you can enjoy evry single one floor.

If you want to visit a place only for the drinks then head on to Joy Eslava.

2. New York City, USA

ball drop times square new years eve

Nothing beats the old classical city of New York. It’s world famous for having the best party for New Year’s Eve and we surely know why. The whole city turns itself into a party and Times Square is filled with thousands of people waiting for 00:00 and the start of the New Year.

After the countdown is finished head on to Brooklyn for the party of the year.

The party will be at Avant Gardner and The Cityfox Odysseys will have a New Year’s marathon where you can enjoy their beats and the amazing atmosphere. Grab the tickets because they might get sold out quickly.

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1. Goa, India

new years eve party goa

Goa region in India is famous for the most psychedelic parties around the World. And we can’t say *NO* to this, but for the NYE, there are parties with fewer psychedelic substances around.

Dancing on the sandy beaches in Goa will make you feel free and get you in a trance mood.

One of the best beach parties in the World are in Goa.

And having fun there and watching the sunrise of 2019 will stick in your head for a while.

Heading to La Cabana will do the trick, DJ Gags and Vijay will be your host and the party will definitely be astonishing.


Partying in style is always a good idea, and we might give you the ultimate places to go to a party for the end of 2018.

If you are still wondering where to go you can check the 15 Best Destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

We are sure you will have a blast in this amazing time of the year.

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