The 15 Best Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2019

New Year’s Eve is a couple’s dream to celebrate, be that being a newlywed couple or you are planning to propose to your loved one, this time of the year is the best to celebrate it in style if you know where to head to. Buckle your seatbelts we are taking you around the world and showing you the best New Year’s Eve destinations for 2019.

1. New York

times square new york new years eve

The old classic never gets old. New York is the destination number one for everyone wanting to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. Head on to Times Square and prepare for the New Year with millions of people around you. If you are planning on proposing to your loved one this is the perfect place to do it. And believe me, many people will do the same thing you are planning to do.

2. Los Angeles

los angeles new years eve

If you want to celebrate with many rock stars and movie stars, then head on to Los Angeles, you won’t regret it. Having many clubs and restaurants, Los Angeles will definitely blow your mind. The parties are world famous and we are quite sure you will at least see one famous person in the city.

3. Las Vegas


This city is for those people that want to spend a lot of money while having fun. Singles love this city because you can be a sinner but believe us “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. With lots of casinos and single girls, and man around you will surely have lots of fun for New Years, in this sinful city. But if you want to get married, you can do that too, even if you are doing that while you are drunk.

4. Tokyo

tokyo disney world new years eve

This technology-driven city will surely put a smile on your face with the many parties, and lots of restaurants offering amazing food. You can have all the sushi in the world and have lots of fun, and in the evening you can gaze at the amazing fireworks that you can post on your Instagram account.

5. Hong Kong

hong kong new year

Hong Kong has always been a player when fireworks were the topic of discussion. On top on that, you can see one of the best fireworks show from Victoria Harbor. Literally, the whole city is filled with fireworks and you can enjoy it from everywhere.

6. Bangkok

bangkok new years eve

If you are wondering which Asian country to visit for New Year’s Eve, be sure to check Thailand. This magnificent city is similar to New York when 31st of December is in question but it’s crazier because of the many parties around the city.

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7. Dubai

dubai new year

If you want to see a glamorous city and lots of tourists in one place, then head on to Dubai. Burj Khalifa is the center point in Dubai’s fireworks and the whole building is acting as a firework.

Every year the fireworks are more impressive, and the parties around the city crazier. Be sure to check this city out because of the many opportunities it offers. And the best part is you can swim in the sea tomorrow in the morning.

8. Sydney

Australia is always an attractive destination for people that want to visit a new place at the beginning of the New Year. It’s a place where people want to go and to settle in, but people are also visiting this magnificent country for the famous fireworks, and because in Australia the summer is starting in January.

So after the crazy night, grab yourself a towel and head on to the many beaches that Sydney has to offer.

9. Moscow

moscow new years eve

If you are not afraid of the cold weather, then your fairytale of New Year’s Eve can be found in Russia’s capital city of Moscow. This magnificent city’s square called the Red Square is the center of the party where you can see the famous Russian firework. One of the most luxurious places to be in Moscow is the hotel Ritz-Carlton but be sure to open up that piggy bank account.

10. Cape Town

new years eve cape town

If you are up for a crazy night and if you love to taste some wonderful food, then head on to Cape Town. This city sure knows how to party in style, and the big plus is that you can be in your shorts and a tank top. The parties are on the beaches and if you are up for that you can wait for the magnificent sunrise on the 1st of January.

11. London

If you like to visit one of the party capitals of Europe, then head on to London. This magnificent city is always a great time to visit, but if you hurry up you can still find a spot for that one night in your life where you will get to see London at its best. The parties are amazing and if you want to you can hire a tour guide to take you cursing on the river Thames and be fascinated by the fireworks.

12. Rio de Janeiro

new years eve at copacabana rio de janerio

If you are a beach lover and you are wondering where to go for New Year’s Eve, we believe that the best destination is Rio de Janeiro.

The famous Copacabana beach is the place where 2 million people are partying all night and many tourists come to Brazil not just for the Carnival but for New Year’s Eve. The fireworks are amazing and the weather is fantastic for the morning cocktail on the famous Copacabana beach.

13. Miami

Luxurious nightlife, fantastic beaches, beautiful people all around are the first things that we can think of when we think about Miami. The world famous beaches and clubs are the meeting places for all the people that love to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Miami, and we can assure you that you won’t make a mistake if you come to Miami this year.

14. Prague

prague new years eve

If you are wondering about a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe but you have already visited all the famous destinations, then the hidden gem in Prague. A fantastic place to visit if you like cheap food, and fantastic but cheap beer. Germany is definitely a great beer destination but we can assure you that being in the Czech Republic will surely satisfy your beer appetite.

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15. Vienna

Are you tired of all the parties around every city in the World? Or you traveled in every major destination in the world, and you just want a destination where you can feel like a local and indulge in cultural activities? Than Vienna is the place to be for New Year’s Eve.

vienna new years eve

This city is magnificent during the winter holidays and if you are lucky and you have bought your tickets for the New Year’s Eve concert in Vienna that happens on the 1st of January every year, you will surely have a fantastic winter holiday, and your New Year can officially start.

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