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The world is just like one big village where you can reach any place very quickly. So, scroll down and find out what your perfect travel destination is and set off the journey.

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Europe, or the Old Lady, bordering Asia with the Ural Mountains and running to the Black and Aegean Sea, is the sixth continent on the size list, but it is also the continent with more coastlines than any other continent.

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The continent described only with superlatives. The biggest, the most populated, the richest with a diversity of cultures, religions, and landscapes. The place where you can climb the highest mountain in the world and have the feeling that you can touch the heaven.

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Africa, the second largest continent in the world, has always been of great interest to people worldwide. It is unique with is climate which is tropical, but also changes to very cold, especially on its highest mountains like Kilimanjaro. However, there are more drylands and deserts on the continent than anywhere else. There are 54 countries on the continent. Some of them are very popular with developed tourism and some in the process of development. And if you are visiting Africa, be sure to read our ultimate guide.

north america

North America

North America or America is the continent which was also the New World for the ancestors of modern Americans. Its coasts provide an approach to the Arctic, Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea. With Canada in the North, the USA in the middle and Mexico on the Southern tip, it offers all-year-round visit as it has a wide range of climate variations.

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South or Latin America

With its mostly hot climate and long sandy beaches washed by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and the Carribean Sea, bordering North America with the Panama Canal, is also a continent where is the driest desert - Atacama, the highest waterfall Angel Falls, the largest rainforest - Amazon and many other superlative places of the world.


The continent of Australia and New Zealand together with Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia are all parts of Oceania, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. There you can enjoy the Great Barrier Reef or imagine that you are a part of The Lord of the Rings film or even a member of Captain James Cook’s crew, excited about discovering of the new, exotic land.