Symphony of the Seas: 2019 Review (+ Itinerary)

If you want to party on one of the largest cruises world, then read on because you will be surely the first person that had a blast on this cruise ship.

Symphony of the Seas is the newest and biggest ship ever to set sail, and you can be the one that will have the best New Year’s Eve at the Sea.

symphony of the seas dawn

It started to operate in 2018 and this is your chance to book it for the biggest NYE party event at Sea.

Where does it all start?

It all starts from Miami. The ship’s first location and the starting point is Miami, Florida. Arriving at the port you will see this marvelous and huge ship.

When boarding you will surely see many people, to be exact around 5000 people on board. But not to worry there are plenty of rooms to fit everyone.

symphony of the seas departure

For New Year’s Eve, the Symphony of the Seas departs on December the 29th and goes on the Caribbean.

The cruise lasts for 7 days and visits Honduras, Mexico, Bahamas and back to Miami.

In Miami there are loads of activities you can do, from soaking the sun to enjoying the life on the beach, it always tends to amaze people.

If you can come to Miami a couple of days earlier you can experience the best nightlife in the World and after that sober yourself with a Cuban cigar in hand on the beaches. And don’t forget to spend some money shopping.

Who is the Symphony of the Seas cruise ship for?

We don’t think that there is someone that won’t like to cruise in a ship, so the simple answer is this is for everyone.

From families with small kids to families with teenagers, singles, retired people and even for couples that want to have some fun.

Everyone should go onboard the Symphony of the Seas. There are amenities for everyone.

Symphony of the Seas Amenities

The Symphony of the Seas offers many amenities to keep you distracted all day long. From many restaurants to bars, kid’s areas if you are coming with your kid’s fast food joints, and many stuff more.

boy surfing at the symphony of the seas

We would strongly recommend you a couple of things to do for your day to pass quickly. The Ultimate Abyss is a slide where everyone should visit. It’s a 10 story high slide where you can experience the mysteries of the deep sea.

symphony of the sea ultimate abyss

If you want to challenge someone in laser tag you can do that here. Go for the laser tag game and challenge your friends, only the best survive.

For the more adventurous spirits, there is a rock climbing wall. Climbing on the wall will surely give you a thrill. But even if you are a beginner you can climb it because this is for everyone, not only the expert climbers.

If you are hungry from all of the activities you will do, be sure to check out some of the restaurants where you can have a couple of international cuisines offered. If you are into sushi, then the Izumi restaurant is for you. Offering world-class sushi prepared from one of the best chefs on board.

chops grille symphony seas

If you are a serious meat lover and love to enjoy a cozy atmosphere head on to Chops Grille where you can enjoy the perfect steak. This steakhouse has offered many people world class services and we are recommending it to everyone.

Since you are at sea you should definitely get some quality seafood right? Head on to Hooked Seafood and you can get a slice of New England on your plate. The seafood is always fresh and the pricing is reasonable. There are even sandwiches offered.

What kind of rooms are offered?

Four types of rooms are offered on Symphony of the Seas. From Ocean View rooms to the Interior Room all of them are offering luxurious amenities where you and your partner can indulge in.

The Ocean View is our favorite Symphony of the Seas room because you have fantastic view of the ocean. The Interior rooms are also very pleasant.

symphony of the seas royal suite

Those who want to splurge a little bit can book the balcony rooms where they can have a glass of champagne and enjoy the beauty of the sea. If you are coming with a family there is the Family suit which will satisfy both the kids and the adults.

Where should you relax?

If you want to relax a little bit from all of the amenities offered at Symphony of the Seas, be sure to check out the Solarium.

An indoor-outdoor retreat for adults only this will surely be your favorite spot on the cruise. Enjoy a cocktail or a beer and soak up the whole energy of the sun.

girl relaxing at symphony of the seas

If you are a couple you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the atmosphere. And if you are a single person if you want you can chat with people that are also relaxing.

Where should you go for a drink?

If you want a typical Latin-themed bar head on to Boleros. The Cuban mojitos are amazing and you can dance all night long to the beats of Latin music.

symphony of the seas bolero

For those who like to get a tan while they are drinking a cocktail head up to Wipe Out Bar. Grab a cocktail, put on your swimwear and enjoy the sun.

The Bionic Bar is for those people that want some piece of the future. A robot gives you the drinks and is your bartender. Sounds like something coming from a Sci-Fi movie but it’s not. You can order the cocktails from your App and watch how a robot does its magic.


This cruise is for those people that want something different for their New Year’s Eve. Sailing on the biggest cruise ship in the world in the Caribbean will surely satisfy everyone’s taste.

symphony of the seas deck

Grab your place as soon as possible because New Year’s Eve is on our doorstep, and enjoy this magnificent cruise ship.

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