Carnival Magic Cruise Review: Complete Tour (+Pictures)

carnival magic near a beach

Cruising for a couple of days, visiting many countries, and enjoying the weather if you are in a warmer place, might be the ultimate New Year’s Eve plan you could have.

And the Carnival Magic will surely give you the most magical experience ever, and YES it is worth the $$$, believe us. 🙂 

So, here is the most complete review of Carnival Magic Cruise.

Where does it all start?

Cruising on this magnificent ship is something you should do at least once in your lifetime. The typical New Year’s Eve destination is from Miami, Florida, to Grand Turk at Turks and Caicos, next is San Juan, Puerto Rico after that it goes to St. Tomas the U.S. Virgin Islands, Amber Cove which is a fantastic location in the Dominican Republic and finally cruising back to Miami, Florida.

carnical magic eastern caribbean

While the primary party is on the ship, you will wake up in the magnificent Grand Turk, and you can soak the whole energy of the sun on the fantastic beaches, or maybe you can get a nice juice from freshly grown products.

Top Things to Do at Carnival Magic Cruise

There are many activities to be done on a cruise ship, and the Carnival Magic is one of the cruise ships where you can do a lot of things on a ship. Activities range from those with small kids, families with teenagers, singles, couples, and retired people.

From leaving your small kids in a play area to sipping a glass of champagne in an all adults area there are tons of activities to be made.

carnival magic lido pool

Many bars, many restaurants and lots of things to do, we will give you a couple of things that amazed us at the cruise, and we believe it will be fun for you to try.

cherry on top carnival magic

If you are with small kids or even with teenagers, you can visit the candy store called Cherry on Top. We believe that the grownups will also have fun here because everyone has a sweet tooth. This candy store has it all, from chocolate to ice-cream, you can have whatever you want, and even you can buy something as a gift for your special someone.

playing volleyball at the carnival sports deck

For those teenagers, there are volleyball activities on board where you can meet new people and mingle with lots of tourists your age.

couple sliding

Don’t worry your parents won’t be mad if you have a crush on someone, and we believe that having a crush while you are a teenager is a normal thing.

library at carnival magic

But for those teenagers that want to read there is a library where you can enjoy some peace and quiet time, and also you can meet some like-minded teenagers. If your family wants to join there are board games where you can play with them and have a blast.

alchemy bar

For those that are aged 21+, there are numerous activities on board. If you are a martini lover there is the Alchemy Martini Tasting. Where you can choose from four different martinis or you can leave it to the bartender to craft you some. Choose your favorite one and order it for the next round.

But please be responsible while you are drinking.

If you are more of a bar type of a person you can choose from the many bars on board. RedFrog Pub is a place where you can have a beer and meet new people on board. This is one of the most relaxing bars on the cruise and we believe it’s a place worth visiting.


If you like to try your luck, there is always a Casino on board, where you can play your favorite game of cards.

What kind of rooms are offered at Carnival Magic?

There are Interior rooms, Ocean View, Balcony and Suite rooms offered on the Carnival Magic cruise ship.

balcony cabin

There are 4 types of interior rooms. The Interior Upper/Lower staterooms offer the same amenities as any other Interior room but they are organized differently. There is a Twin bed, and either an upper Pullman or sofa bed. They also offer a full bathroom and more.

The Interior Upper/Lower (porthole) room offers the same amenities as the Upper/Lower room but it also offers a sea view from two portholes.
The Interior room is the same room but without the portholes, offering maximum living space, and there is the fourth room which is the Interior Porthole room where it offers a small but very nice ocean view.

Every interior room offers a bathroom.

The Ocean View is one of the most sought-after room and there are also four types of room. Ocean view room, which gives you the perfect way to wake up, the Deluxe Ocean View (obstructed views) where you can enjoy the view from everywhere and it offers a separate washroom, the Deluxe Ocean View which is the same as the obstructed views room, and the Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View with a walkway view.

balcony room

The Balcony room is one of our favorite room and we believe it will be yours too. It offers balconies where you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with your loved one. We won’t get much into details but these rooms vary from the balconies size. Of course, there is the Deluxe Balcony room where it offers something extra and panoramic views of the sea.

The Suite is for those people that love to travel in style. It’s the most expensive room and the ones that you should visit them at least once in your lifetime. There are VIP check-in, room to fit more people (this is not an encouragement to make a party), a huge balcony and an amazing full bathroom.


If you want to experiment something that will last for a lifetime for your next New Year’s Eve, then you should definitely book a cruise on the Carnival Magic. The whole ship turns into a huge party and you will definitely have lots of fun.

As with any cruise ship the 31st of December, the party is on board but don’t worry the next morning you will wake up in an amazing destination where you can enter the New Year with a fresh cocktail in hand. The Caribbean is always a good choice for your next adventure.

Book your New Year’s cruise and enjoy the Magic.

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