Celebrity Wax Figures: The Best vs the Worst

kylie jenner wax figure

While there are many wax museums in the world, some really know their job well, and others not that much.

So, here is the list of one of the best and worst celebrity wax figures that have ever been created in the world.

Be ready to be WOWED or NAYED.

Yes, some figures are way better than the others but we believe that even in the not so fancy museums you can see some of the most realistic figures.

On the other side, you can see some bad wax figures in well known museums.

Most of the figures are from very famous people, but there are wax museums that are specific about their themes.

Like a national museum of independence where you will see figures of the country’s history etc.

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The Best Wax Figures

Snoop Dogg

His statue at Madame Tussauds is surely one of the best creations ever made. He looks totally real, so your friends will never know if you met him in real life or not.

snoop dog wax figure

Jenna Marbles

If you want to take a selfie with Jenna you should visit her at Madame Tussauds. This one is one of the most realistic youtuber wax figure. You can surely act that you met her in real life.

jenna marbles youtuber wax figure


It’s quite difficult to replicate something that’s perfect but Rihanna’s wax statue surely looks stunning. Maybe the hair needs a different color but we like it anyhow.

rihanna wax figure

Taylor Swift

taylor swift wax figure

WOW! This figure of Taylor Swift looks awesome! Madame Tussauds done a really great job. Bravo!!

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Another great example of well made figures is the famous British Royalty couple, Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William. Their figures look so genuine.

kate middleton and prince william wax figure

Ryan Reynolds

This guy is one hilarious actor and we all know him, his movies and how he is a guy that many ladies love to see in public. He has a good sense of humor, astonishing styling, and his figure is simply amazing. There should be more Ryan Reynolds in this world.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s statue at Madame Tussauds is one of the best there is. They replicated her completely so when you go there you can see her and feel like she is completely thorough.

Zac Efron

Every 90s girl crush. That’s what we have to say about this gorgeous hunk.

Zac Efron’s wax model is surely one of the sexiest of them all. And the girls born in the early 90s waited for a long time to see him, at least as a figure.

zac efron wax figure and carmen electra

Gwen Stefani

Another famous person for the people born in the 90s or late 80s. Gwen Stefani’s wax figure is a stunner. And when we see it we all start singing “If I was a rich girl nana nana nana nan ana”.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm figure is probably the liveliest of all. It is so realistic live size wax figure that even he was astonished seeing it. The modelers did their job pretty well for Jon.

jon hamm realistic life size wax figure

Kendall Jenner

If you ask us, this beauty can’t be replicated, but her statue looks good. She is not the perfect creation of Kendall but from our taste, it’s still a good fit.

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner wax figure

Can you recognize the real Kylie??

We are sure that every celebrity is jealous of Kylie’s wax model.

The Worst

Scroll below to see the celebrities wax figures that gone wrong. Be prepared to be scared by the third statue.

Lionel Messi

If you ask us, Messi deserves to have one of the best wax figures ever, because he is the greatest football player of all time (no hate for Ronaldo). But the figure of Messi looks very bad.

lionel messi wax model

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ok, they messed up Messi, but at least they could have made Ronaldo better. But they even messed Ronaldo up.

So what can we say for the best football players of all time?

That they should play better than the looks of their statues. And they surely do. You go, guys!

cristiano ronaldo wax figure

Lady Gaga

You will freak out when you see Lady Gaga’s figure live! It is such a creepy wax statue. Definitely! We recommend you not to visit the museum in Peru.

lady gaga wax figure

Britney Spears

One of the worst celebrity wax statues ever made! Period.

She looks like Britney when she was having that mental breakdown or whatever happened to her.

Her skin color is even worst. They could have made it better.

Naomi Campbell

We had to mention this monstrosity of a figure. The mega-popular model has one of the worst (if not the worst) figure ever made. You can see this ugly wax model in Paris at Musee Grevin.

Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah’s wax statue attending Barak Obama’s 50th birthday party is a hell of an ugly statue. It literary looks like an ugly version of the beautiful Oprah. They even messed up her makeup.

oprah winfrey

Nicki Minaj

Madame Tussaud made a statue of her, and many tourists started taking inappropriate pictures of her, because well, she is in a doggy style position.

nicki minaj wax figure

She is actually looking Ok, but they could have made her better. At least the real Nicki was ok with the fact that people took those kinds of pictures of her.

Justin Timberlake

Justin who broke a lot of hearts in the past surely wouldn’t have achieved that if he looked like the worst statue ever made of him. Plus he looks a little bit like he lost his hair.

Nicole Kidman

We are quite familiar with the fact that you can’t replicate astonishing beauty. We get it that replicating Nicole Kidman would surely never be successful but she looks Ok except for the forehead and her eyes.

Meryl Streep

mery streep wax figure

This figure is surely something that Meryl would be ashamed of. She is a stunning beauty, but this wax figure looks like she is about to kill someone, while smiling.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian wax statue

If you ask a man if he would like to spend one night with Kim Kardashian he would surely say “Yes”. But if you offer him a Kim that looks like an alien with her eyes looking a bit crossed, he would say “definitely not what I expected”.

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