Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Review: Complete Tour (+Pictures)

carnival dream cruise ship

What could be a better option to say “I love you” to your loved one better than taking them on a cruise? Is there a better option? Well, we believe no! And why is that you might ask? That’s because the new cruise ship from Carnival, the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship is the best option to give someone a treat to visit a couple of places while going on a vacation.

carnival dream southern caribbean cruise

Cruising is fun even if you are with your kids and that’s because the ship from Carnival, the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship is the perfect choice even if your kids are coming to the cruise.

Having already chosen a destination where you want to travel, but are still wondering about the many Cruise ship companies, here you will read all about the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship and what it has to offer.

What Kind of Amenities does the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship offer?

The ship from the Carnival Corporation is a masterpiece on water. It’s big, it’s spacious and has something for everyone. The amenities it offers are great, functional and very nice looking.

pool area carnival dream

There are amenities for adults only, for kids and for those who want some peace and quiet. The amenities for adults only are bars and there are many to choose from. For instance, the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar is a place you have to make a visit in order to get a drink or two. Or if you want some world class cocktails head to the Alchemy Bar where you can get you Sex On The Beach.

serenity adult only retreat

If you are a person where you just want to relax and do nothing at all, head on to Serenity Adult-Only Retreat where you can get all of that sun, relax, grab a cocktail at the bar, read a book maybe or just lay and do nothing. Serenity is the perfect place to reconnect with your partner and just enjoy the perfect weather.

Kids Amenities

camp ocean carnival dream cruise

The kids have many places to enjoy themselves and be kids. There are water parks where the adults can make sure their kids are having fun, or you can leave the smaller kids at a camp where they can be busy and do all the things just like in a camp. There is also a candy store on board for those who want some sweets.

Teenagers Amenities

teenager amenities carnival dream

And we won’t leave the teenagers hanging there. There is a movie theater for those who want to watch a movie and find some new friends, pools to hang out, mini golf terrains, a game show where you can play board games and have some fun, or if you are a sports type of a person, you can play basketball on board.

There is something for everyone and we believe this is the perfect cruise to book for your next adventure. We recommend you to watch the video that EECC Travels made.

Ship Layout

There are 14 decks on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship and tons of activities on all of them.

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Most of the entertainment venues are on Decks 4 and 5 where you can start a bar crawl with your newly made friends.

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club o2 carnival dream cruise

The Deck 10 is where the pool area is stationed and you can go there and show off your new bathing suit.

carnival dream waves pool

And don’t worry on the Deck 11 you can leave your kids where the many activities for youngsters aged 2 to 11 are based. And as mentioned earlier the tweens and teens have their areas also on the Cruise Ship.

ocean deck carnival dream cruise

The Spa is on Deck 12 where you can have some peace and quiet and enjoy your time. On Deck 14 you can find your Serenity Adult-Only Retreat and Cloud 9 Spa.

cloud 9 spa carnival dream cruise ship

The sleeping area is from Deck 6 to Deck 9 and you can choose from multiple room choices with balconies or without them. And there are also some deluxe suites.

What about the Balcony Room?

The Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Balcony Room is one of the best deals you can make if you book it in advance. This is the perfect room for two people even though it can sleep up to 5 people. If you and your loved one are going on a cruise, this is the perfect room to choose.

balcony room carnival dream

The views are fantastic, there is lots of light in the room and the bathroom is fantastic. There is also a television set where you can catch some movies or watch the news.

Other rooms on the Cruise

The other rooms on the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship are the Ocean Suite, Grand Suite, Premium Vista Balcony, Junior Suite, Aft View Balcony and Interior.

Every room is nice if you ask us. Some people like to travel in style so they are booking the Suite or as we mentioned above it’s the deluxe room. It has all the amenities that can satisfy even the pickiest of customers. A mini fridge, VIP check-in, a deluxe bathroom with whirlpool tub and you have a priority embarkation and debarkation included. This is for those who love to travel in style.

The Ocean Room is for those who don’t want a balcony but still want the view of the sea. It’s a perfect room for couples that want some peace and quiet and are not worried that they don’t have a balcony on board. It’s a roomy room that has everything you need.

interior room carnival dream
Interior Room

And the final room that’s the Interior room is for those people that are actually not picky because it does not have a window or a balcony. It’s a cozy room that offers a full bathroom and you can choose from a double bed or two separate beds. This room is a cozy place even though it doesn’t include windows or a balcony.


There are loads of restaurants to choose from on the Carnival Dream. From Mexican food to Burger joints you can dine whatever you want.

lido restaurant
For Breakfast you can visit Lido Restaurant it’s a nice place where even the kids will love it. Or if you want you can visit the Breakfast Grill.

guys burger joint carnival dream
Guys Burger Joint

For Lunch, you can have Sushi at Bonsai Sushi, or have a burger at Guy’s Burger Joint.

carnival dream cruise dining room
Dining Room

And for dinner, we would recommend the Dining Room where you can eat a three-course meal and eat in a fancy restaurant.

Which cabins to avoid

We don’t want to tell you this but there are some cabins to avoid at the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship at all cost. Even if you are a night owl.

The cabins that are under or above one of the clubs at the cruise are the worst ones. Because every night there is a party in the clubs and if you want some peace and quiet we won’t recommend you these cabins.

Also if you want to enjoy your cruise don’t book the Interior cabins because it can feel a bit claustrophobic without windows. If you don’t have this problem then it’s nothing special, but if you can spend some extra money don’t book these rooms.


Going on a cruise is a life-changing experience. From visiting many places in a couple of weeks to traveling on the sea and meeting a lot of like-minded people like you. Even if you are a newlywed couple or a family you are going to have a lot of fun on this cruise.

people having fun at the slides on carnival dream cruise

The solo travelers will enjoy it because of the many different people they can meet up, and who knows maybe the love of their life is waiting for them on the cruise.

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