The Ultimate Bora Bora Travel Guide for 2019 (+pictures)

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Bora Bora, or better known in Tahitian as Pora Pora, or whatever you want to call it, is the perfect place for a holiday. Many famous and rich people visit Bora Bora. The Kardashians are one of those.

Here is what we cover in this Bora Bora travel guide:

Follow up our travel tips and info and you will have an awesome vacation on Bora Bora.

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Where is and how to travel to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is part of the French Polynesia island groups. The exact location of Bora Bora is in the Pacific Ocean. It is somehow in the middle of Australia and the Americas.

A location where it’s very difficult to get and if you are flying from Europe it will take you around one whole day to get, but if you fly from the Americas it’s around 10 hours give or take.

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bora bora location

But when you fly over Bora Bora you will be amazed at just how beautiful the island is and the magnificent corals are making them the perfect location for newlywed couples.

Fun Facts about Bora Bora

Even though it’s a small island, there are some interesting facts about Bora Bora:

  • Did you know that Bora Bora was a World War 2 American supply base? Yes, it’s true and the island was a sanctuary for more than 6000 US soldiers.
  • Another historical fact is that its original name is Pora Pora because in the Tahitian language the letter “B” does not exist, so when the English settlers came they misheard and started calling the island Bora Bora. Pora Pora actually means “the firstborn” and it is referring to the son of the King Hiro of Raiatea.
  • The island was created 4 million years ago by volcanic eruptions, and the volcano is still there but it’s not active. The island, in the beginning, was not inhabited until the people from Tongan island arrived and settled here.
  • The population of the island is permanent since 2008. The exact population of the island is 8880 people. This small island is considered as a romantic getaway for people because it’s secluded and its beaches are perfect for honeymooners.
  • Also, a good fact to know is that it’s completely pest free, there are no poisonous snakes or insects so it’s a perfect location for your loved one.
  • A fun fact to know is that if a woman has a flower on the left ear it means that she is taken and she has someone who she loves very much, but if she has a flower on the right ear it means that she is single and you can approach her and hopefully find your love partner on the beautiful Bora Bora island.
  • Half of the population of is below 20 years old. So you will see a lot of youngsters on the island that are on the beaches and having a great time. In the evenings they like to party on the beach so why don’t you join them?–
  • There is no public transportation on the island so you might want to walk a little bit. But don’t be afraid there are taxis and the tours that are organized by your hotel have boats and vans that will take you to the destination of the tour.
  • There are coconuts everywhere around the island so you can drink coconut milk all they long. And they make fantastic cocktails out of them.

Bora Bora vs the Maldives

The two most attractive islands are going head to head in the battle of who will be chosen to be the best island. In our personal view, we will say Bora Bora for the most secluded island getaway, and the most romantic.

overwater bungalows

If you want a first class experience (where you will get it in Bora Bora also) we recommend you a visit to the Maldives. But if you want a lower price for the overwater bungalows then Bora Bora is a winner.

But we can’t deny the fact that both of the islands have to offer everything that a person would ask for on a vacation. And if you ask us we will say that if you want more privacy to go for Bora Bora, and if you want a luxurious and top honeymoon destination then go for the Maldives.

The best hotels in Bora Bora to stay in

Here are the best hotels to stay in the magnificent island in French Polynesia. Every Bora Bora hotel is magnificent, but staying in the overwater bungalows is a must.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

four seasons resort bora bora

The first and greatest hotel is Four Seasons. This hotel has bungalows and is a world class famous resort from Four Seasons. If you want a place where you want to eat breakfast in bed in a fantastic bungalow than this hotel is for you. Offering spa treatments, magnificently landscaped gardens, and sea views to die for, this resort has it all.

St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

st regis resort bora bora

It is a resort that will take your breath away. If you want a view of Mount Otemanu from everywhere you sleep then head on to St. Regis.

This resort offers bungalows that are over the water and beach villas, as well. Spa treatment and massages are also included in the property. This amazing resort is spread over three islands and has world class service. Its couple’s favorite and we know why.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

This place is for those people that want to have a stay at the best beach.

conrad bora bora nui villa deluxe overwater

Offering a white sandy beach that spreads half-mile-long Conrad is the perfect stay if you want to get some sunshine on the beach. And the cocktails that they are offering are amazing. With the biggest beach on the island that a hotel has Conrad is for honeymooners that love to swim in the magnificent and blue water.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Bora Bora is in November and April. It really depends on if you want to go for a summer vacation in November or you want to have your vacation before the high season.

bora bora holiday in november

These two months offer the best weather and the least rain or high temperatures.

How much does it cost to go to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is an island getaway for those who have some extra cash to spend on a vacation. It’s not a destination for the budget travelers but it is a perfect destination for newlyweds.

If you are planning on spending more money on your honeymoon then Bora Bora is the perfect location.

girl swimming at bora bora

The hotel prices are around $400 to $2000 per night for the lowest prices. But at average a week-long vacation will cost you something around $15.000. So if you want a holiday that costs more than a normal car head on to Bora Bora.


Bora Bora holidays are perfect for the newlyweds and honeymooners. If you want a place where there are many activities like swimming with sharks, overwater bungalows, fantastic beaches, great food and many more things than Bora Bora is for you.

If you have the time and money to spend on one location for your holiday, head on to Bora Bora and you will be amazed by this small island.


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