The 8 Best Instagram Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2019

Travel bloggers are the best inspiration someone can have while preparing to travel abroad, and what better place to find them then Instagram.

There are numerous Instagram travel bloggers to follow but we selected the best ones in the world, from couples traveling to people who travel solo, these are the best travel bloggers to follow.

1. @elonatheexplorer

Elona Karafin is behind this amazing Instagram account. She started blogging a while ago and traveling full time since then.

Her story is that she is a cancer survivor and started making money from traveling to finance her charity which is Checkmate Cancer.

Her story is an interesting one and the pictures that she is putting around the globe, are just mouthwatering.

2. @budgettraveller

Kash Bhattacharya has always loved to travel, but always on a budget. He knows the best places to find in a city to eat like a local and never spend too much money on the meals.

From street food to hidden gems of restaurants, following his blog will make you want to spend some nights in some of the Luxury Hostels of Europe. If you are traveling on a budget check out his blog.

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3. @thisgirlcaneat

What can be a better combination than food and travel? Megan Murphy is behind the Instagram account where you can only get inspired to eat. She is traveling around the world to eat some delicious food.

From street food to amazing burgers, and fantastic restaurants, she really is an insta travel inspo for all of us food lovers.

4. @adventurefaktory

✖ K U W A I T ✖ 🇰🇼 🌎 We do not have too much time left in the gulf region and we really wanted to make sure we have seen every country within the GCC, so with the help of @flydubai we managed to sneak a weekend away in Kuwait. With the fabulous hospitality of the @fskuwait and @aynurmamedova we had the great company of discovering the lovely and soulful souk, hidden coffee shops and 1001 beautiful kaftans! Definitely worth a little weekend getaway. 🌎 #ExperienceFS #FourSeasons #FourSeasonsKuwait 🇰🇼 – 🗺 ➡!🌎 – 📸 @NikonMEA D850 🚨 More photos of 📍Kuwait #AdventureFaktoryInKuwait 🌍 More on Active Travel on @AdventureFaktoryActive

A post shared by 🇦🇺🇨🇦Travel Experts Middle East (@adventurefaktory) on

Mitch and Thuymi is the couple behind this amazing account. Traveling around the world as a couple they share their amazing story through the pictures of this account.

This amazing Instagram travel couple is on an adventure to drive 17000 km from London to Mongolia and we can’t stop following them on their newest adventure.

5. @gypsea_lust

No bad days 🌈 #doyoutravelXgypsealust

A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

Two million people are following the amazing looking Lauren Bullen. She became what every travel blogger wants to be.

She is beautiful, traveling, making money out of that and having amazing experiences around the world.

The recipe for this success is having a great body, amazing photographer, and going to amazing locations. She has it all!

6. @theblondeabroad

Running one of the most famous travel blogs on Instagram and having a blast is not an easy work, but for Kiersten Rich, it’s already an established profession.

The Blonde Abroad is arguably the most famous travel blogs and Kiki has done a fantastic job running this Instagram account.

She is traveling all around the world to capture the best pictures from the best places.

7. @briancason

Southwest Sunsets. 💫 #shotonmoment #momentoffsite #shotoniphone

A post shared by Brian Cason (@briancason) on

A travel blogger and photographer that is mostly focused in New York City, but we had to include him because his photographs are a must see and like on Instagram.

Brian is traveling the world while he is not in NYC but what he does perfectly is taking pictures of places where we have to be. His smooth photographs of NYC and the world are an inspiration to all of us.

8. @samevanslife

Sam is the perfect travel blogger to follow in 2018. He is traveling full time and going on adventures while taking great pictures. He is not trying to make us jealous but that’s what he does all the time.

His adventurous life around the globe is everyone’s dream and we are very happy that at least he is living the life he wants.

His point of life is to invite all of us to go on an adventure and to live life to the fullest.

Which Travel Instagram Hashtags To Use For More Likes?

We all want to have many likes on Instagram but not all of us are insta famous but lucky for you there are a couple of hashtags that you can use to get more likes and to boost the picture to be seen by other people.

Some of them are famous hashtags and others are not, but we are sure you will add them in your next picture.

If it is a couple picture use the #couplegoals, #loveofmylife, and #couplesofinstagram. If you want to show off with your girlfriend or boyfriend then use the following hashtags #love #girlfriend #boyfriend #myboyfriend #mygirlfriend.

If you want to  become an Instagram travel influencer, then using your own hashtags will be great, but if you want to have more likes and followers attracting to your insta profile then use the following hashtags #travel #traveling #vacation #trip #holiday #photooftheday #instapassport #mytravelgrams.

Wrapping It Up

Traveling around the world is a bucket list for everyone in this world. While some of us are already doing it the others are planning it in the near future.

For some of the people, it’s a full-time job while for the others is just an extended vacation.

What every travel blogger will tell you is to just book your ticket, grab your camera and explore the world.

Traveling is always a rewarding experience, and everyone can do it with the already well-established travel industry.

Be that on a budget or a luxurious traveling we all can seize the moment and go for it.

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