5 Things to Do in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is by far the largest urban metropolis of Northwestern Mexico and there are a lot of interesting things to do in Tijuana.

Tijuana and its US neighbor San Diego form the largest metropolitan area on the US-Mexican Border with a combined population of 5 million people.

Tijuana’s environment is shaped by the agreeable climate of the Pacific Ocean and is adjacent to one of the wealthiest and most populated sections of the United States.

Tijuana is particularly notable for the influence of fashion and trends introduced by Chicanos of the United States, including the development of a localized Spanglish.


1. Playas de Tijuana

The Paseo Ensenada is a popular place for meeting and passing free time, and where major commercial centres and businesses are located.

Plaza Coronado, which is located at the beginning of Paseo Ensenada, is the major entertainment centre, where mainly young people gather every day to spend free time.

Water sports such as surfing and kayaking are available when ocean water quality is good (the water quality can be very bad soon after it rains).

Playas de Tijuana is home to several NGO that are leaders in local issues like sustainable development, clean water quality in local beaches and public policy like open space and parkland protection. And against a number of housing developments, that prevent free access to local beaches and urban sprawl and violence.

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2. Avenida Revolución

The world-famous Avenida Revolucion is the most notorious and distinctive avenue in Tijuana, a touristic icon due to its historic background.
It was precisely on this avenue where the tourism boomed for the city.
Up to this day, Avenida Revolucion shows why this was so.
Multiple colors, shapes, scents, textures and a mix of cultures from within the whole country, emerge from this characteristic avenue. All of these with a very own Tijuana feeling of its own.
This whole mix makes Avenida Revolucion a true sample of the Mexican folklore along its many shops, restaurants and bars, some of them with their terraces.

As you walk down Avenida Revolucion, you will come across Calle Sexta (between Calle Madero and Constitucion) where blends of the most current urban and musical trends combine together in the many bars and discotheques along the street. You can enjoy anything from a cold craft beer, tequila shots to a cup of champagne.

3. Tijuana Cultural Center

A major feature of the complex is an OMNIMAX cinema designed by architects Pedro Ramirez Vazques and Manuel Rossen Morrison.
It is the only IMAX cinema in Tijuana, and has come to be popularly known as La Bola (“The Ball”). The cinema, which uses a 360-degree projector to surround viewers with a panoramic image, has 308 seats.

The center encompasses a large esplanade that accommodates up to 6,000 people. The esplanade is a venue for performances, festivals, and expos.
There is also permanent exhibition, called “Museo de las Californias”, which stores over 200 pieces and is a walk through the history of the Baja Peninsula and the state of California from the prehistoric period until the first half of the 20th century.
Also a pre-Hispanic garden, called “Jardin Caracol (Snail Garden)”, that contains sculptures from the different regions of the mesoamerican cultures that inhabited south Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish Army. Visitors can have the experience of going through the exhibition while enjoying a coffee since there is a little coffee shop in the garden.

4. Parque Morelos

Parque Morelos, the city’s largest and liveliest park, has countless activities and events. Visit the vast lake lined by palm trees, large patches of grass, a zoo and a theater. Peruse colorful flowers in the botanical garden after taking a dip in the pool. Bring your kids to the park to enjoy the family atmosphere and children’s activities.
Grill a barbecue lunch on the spacious lawn while friends and family play Frisbee or football. Set up a tent for shade in the afternoon sun.
Take the kids to one of the children’s playgrounds and watch them run around. On a trip to the mini zoo and the small farm, you’ll get a close look at jaguars, black bears, parrots, iguanas and other exotic creatures.

5. Albercas water park Vergel

It is a pretty big water-park with many water slides, a wave pool, a kids water playground and more. They have grills in some areas around the park. You can bring your own food but they have a strict policy around anything that involves glass. So either don’t bring anything in glass or tape it up so it doesn’t scatter. You can rent a Floatie which is recommended for a couple of rides for 50 pesos. And it’s a really good place to visit with family and/or friends.

What is the best time to visit Tijuana?

The busiest month for tourism in Tijuana, Mexico is July, followed by June and May. So, according to us June is the best time to visit Tijuana.

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