What to do in Ibiza, Spain in 2019? 15 Top Things

things to do in ibiza in 2018

Ibiza, Spain’s most magical island is the party capital of the World, the number one hotspot to find a lover. Or if you are a couple you can enjoy the amazing weather and fantastic beaches. 

what to do in ibiza

Home to the best parties in the summer, this small island that’s part of Spain will take your breath away with the fantastic beauty and amazing weather. It’s not just a place for the younger generations to party off all night, it has something for families and couples as well.

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List of the best things to do in Ibiza

There are so many things you can do on this amazing island, but we selected the top 15 Ibiza attractions that you must try the next time you go. 🙂

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  1. Go on a wild party in Ibiza
  2. Try the Spanish Traditional Cuisine
  3. Go for surfing or snorkeling
  4. Visit Cafe Del Mar
  5. Find the hidden beaches
  6. Visit the world class beaches
  7. Visit Dalt Vila
  8. Visit Ibiza Cathedral
  9. Take a hike
  10. Visit the White Towns
  11. Visit a Museum
  12. Go on a boat trip
  13. Shopping in Ibiza
  14. Spa treatments in Ibiza
  15. Water activities

What to do In Ibiza on Weekends?

Go on a wild party in Ibiza

wild party in ibiza

So you wanted to get away from your boring life at the office and you had an idea to check out Ibiza for the weekend. Guess what? Ibiza is the perfect place to go for a weekend trip. You can have so many activities that you won’t make everything on the bucket list during your stay. And the best part is you can go on a wild party and you won’t regret it.

Try the Spanish traditional cuisine

spanish traditional cuisine

First of all, go for the food. There are many restaurants offering traditional Spanish cuisine and many others like French restaurants, Asian and all the other Mediterranean cuisine.


Go for surfing or snorkeling

If you like surfing this is the place to go for surfing. Or you like snorkeling maybe? There are tours in Ibiza where you can snorkel all of your weekends. And the best part about Ibiza is that you can walk around it and enjoy the weekend.

Visit Cafe Del Mar

cafe del mar ibiza

The best way to end your weekend is to grab a drink at Café Del Mar, the most famous café that plays lounge music and is world famous for the fantastic sunsets.

What can couples do in Ibiza?

couple in ibiza

If you are not a party animal couple then you can still enjoy Ibiza. We recommend you to explore the island with your loved one and find the lovely hidden beaches in Ibiza.  But that’s not the only thing you can do with your partner, scroll down and explore the other exciting activities.

Find the hidden beaches

Couples here can, first of all, explore this amazing island with a motorcycle or a car. The best-hidden beaches are found on Ibiza.

Cala Salada

cala salada

Cala Salada is the perfect beach for everyone that likes to cliff jump. This amazing little beach that is just 200 meters long is the perfect secret beach for couples that like to have a little bit of fun.

Cala d’Albarca

Cala d’Albarca

This beach is a hidden beach that will give you a lot of privacy. This hidden beach is for the couples that like to have a nice place to sunbathe and to jump in the waters from a cliff. If you are coming here with a car just leave it at the top of the cliff and walk to the beach.

Sa Caleta

sa caleta

Sa Caleta is a beach where you can take a bus and get there. The bus goes 4 times per day and can be easily caught from Ibiza Town. This beach can be crowded in August because everyone wants to go there, but don’t worry you will love this 100 meter small beach because of the red cliffs and amazingly clear water.

Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra

This is the perfect beach for everyone that likes to take many pictures. This place is for people that have a great eye for photography. Even if you don’t have the talent we are sure you will take amazing shots. The best part is that you can take pictures on the way to the beach of amazing places and when you get there it will take your breath away.

Visit a romantic club

romantic bar in ibiza

When you get tired of all the driving around Ibiza, just sit in a restaurant and have a quiet and romantic evening while enjoying the best sunsets.

There are clubs where you can have some romantic time with your partner not all of the clubs are with rave music .There are also very chilled out clubs in Ibiza where you can relax and have a drink with your better half.

Visit the world class beaches

And let’s not forget the beaches of Ibiza. This island is offering not just hidden beaches but also world class beaches with bars where you can have the best cocktail in hand prepared by a world famous barman.

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bosaa (our favorite beach) is the perfect beach for the people that know how to live the Ibiza lifestyle. This world class famous beach is the perfect destination for everyone that loves to party and enjoy the best cocktails in Ibiza. If you are a party animal visit this beach for the world class parties and best looking people on Ibiza.

Las Salinas

las salinas ibiza

This is the best spot to take your sunscreen protection and your Gucci sunglasses. Packed with a couple of beach bars where you can easily spot a celebrity Las Salinas is the perfect beach for a little bit of fun and enjoying the beach all day long.

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Es Cavallet

Es Cavallet Ibiza

This is the first nudist beach in Ibiza. Here you can relax on the perfect white sandy beach while having fun with your friends being naked. This nudist beach has a relaxing vibe and is filled with smiling faces all day long. Have a cocktail in hand enjoy the perfect sandy beach with your friends.

Cala Comte

cala comte

Here you can see one of the best sunsets on Ibiza. This beach is the perfect getaway for people that want a beach that has it all, perfect location, great sight overlooking other islands and crystal clear waters.

What can you do in Ibiza Town?

Ibiza town is a place where you can have many activities, from shopping to visiting amazing restaurants. This place is packed with many shops where you can buy whatever you want, and great places to grab some food. But Ibiza Town has many other places worth visiting.

Visit Dalt Vila

dalt vila ibiza

Dalt Vila is the most famous landmark in Ibiza. This fortified castle is a place which everyone should visit. It was built by Charles V and it’s guarded with cannons and soldiers (not real life soldiers). It was built to protect the island from Berber pirates and from the French.

Visit Ibiza Cathedral

ibiza cathedral

When you are exploring the old city of Ibiza you can’t miss the Cathedral of Ibiza. The oldest Cathedral was built in the 15th century and is a famous landmark in Ibiza. There are many shops around the old city and bakeries all around. It’s a great place to explore and at the very top sits the Ibiza Cathedral. A place worth visiting when planning a trip to Ibiza.

Winter Activities

Visiting Ibiza in the summer is always great, but what happens if you want to visit Ibiza in the winter times? Well, the most famous party destination is no longer famous for partying but for doing some winter activities without the snow.

Take a hike

hiking in ibiza
source: Icon Ibiza

Ibiza has many hiking tours that you can go alone or with an organized group. Hiking in Ibiza is a great thing to do to explore the magnificent island. Taking a hike from Bossa to Cavallet is one of the greatest beach hikes you can do on Ibiza and we believe you won’t regret it.

Visit the white towns

san josep white town ibiza

Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos, Es Cubells, San Josep, these are the places worth visiting in Ibiza in the winter, to say goodbye to the crazy nightlife.

Visit a Museum

museum of space ibiza

As a small island, Ibiza is home to one of the greatest looking contemporary art museums. Even though nearly all of the small islands don’t have these kinds of museums this one is home to many great artists including Antoni Mari Ribas one of the greatest painters that are born in Ibiza.

Fun things you can do during the day

Go on a boat trip

boat trip ibiza

There is nothing more magical than visiting an island from a boat. There are numerous tours that can take you around Ibiza on a boat. And there is a tour from San An that can take you to Formentera. There are luxury tours where you can feel pampered and feel like a rock star.


shopping in ibiza

No trip is ever done without a little bit of shopping. Ibiza has everything that you will need but if you are looking for something more authentic then head on to the Hippy Markets. Las Dalias night market is working on Mondays and Tuesdays and Punta Arabi is the largest hippy market and works every Wednesday. These markets work only in the summer period.

Go on a spa treatment

The younger generations know this island as a party place but believe us it’s also home to the best spa treatments in the world. Ok if you want a typical Thai massage you should definitely visit Bangkok for the many adult attractions it can offer but Ibiza is also famous for the great spa treatments it’s offering.

There are 15 spas around the island of which many are part of some hotels and resorts but you can book them in advance to have some relaxing time on this crazy island.

Water activities

ibiza kayaking

You are on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean so expect to do some water sports. In Ibiza, you can indulge in the many water activities like jet-ski, parasailing, water-skiing and yacht cruising. If you want diving in the waters there are 17 diving schools where you can have some fun in the waters of Ibiza.

Wrapping it up

This small but crazy island has many things to offer. From family retreats to crazy nightlife, but don’t forget this magnificent small gem of an island is welcoming everyone. With great restaurants and bars, famous cafes, luxurious nightlife and amazing scenery you should definitely visit this great Island because it has lots to offer.

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