14 Reasons Why Peru Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

If you’re one of the people who have always felt that ‘inner call’ to start a voyage towards Latin America, and visit one of its magnificent countries, so full of history, cultural heritage, and much, much more, today we’re going to give you 14 reasons why Peru should be one of this continent’s countries, you ought to visit!

1). No problem getting there

Starting from May, there’s a new British Airways service that takes place 3 times a week, taking you from Gatwick, directly to Peru’s capital, Lima. So, for starters, you won’t have any problems getting there.

2). Lima is constantly reviving and developing

What was once a dangerous and gloomy South American city, now it’s a thing of the past. With a huge help of the government of Peru, the country’s capital is completely resurgent, and the best thing about it is that it’s an ongoing process.

3). Peru is the country where you’ll see Machu Picchu

I don’t think there’s much more we need to say on this subject. The name itself, Machu Picchu, is on so many people, throughout the world, at the very top of their bucket list, and that says a lot! You can get to it by a train, and hiking.

4). …and more silent options

You ought to know that Machu Picchu isn’t the only archaeological attraction in Peru. There are also the less known (or ‘quieter”) options, but no less impressive (well, almost…), like Kuelap, (northern Machu Picchu), Chavín de Huantar (before the Inka period), and the city of Chan Chan, constructed of a special type of clay.

5). There’s also Amazon

In a case you thought that Amazon could only be ‘found’ and seen in Brazil (perhaps Paraguay too), you were dead wrong. There’s plenty of it in Peru, and with it, everything which the largest tropical forest on earth provides.

6). Going back to Cuzco

When it comes to the ancient city of Cuzco, it’d be enough to say that it’s thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited town in both Americas, which still holds numerous links with its pre-European past.

7). There’s the Sacred Valley

For the visitors of Peru who cannot afford to stay a bit longer, there’s the Sacred Valley, that’s situated between Machu Picchu and Cuzco, and everyone’s who’s ever seen it, describes it as a mesmerizing place.

8). The ancient stories say the sun was born in Peru

According to the ancient Andean mythology, the sun that brings life to our planet was born at the Lake Titicaca. And that’s why its waters are considered to be sacred.

9). Peruvian beaches are breathtaking

Andes aren’t the only ‘thing’ in Peru, because northwest of it, there are numerous scorching beaches, renown for their beautiful golden shores and great tropical climate. I don’t think there’s anything more to add to it!

10). You’ll find Nazca Lines here

I’m sure most of you have seen the airplane images of the desert ‘sketches’ of the birds, ‘the astronaut’ and other animals, dating back from 500 BC to AD 500, that are totally mystifying, as well as awe-inspiring, watching them in a video alone. So, how do you think you’d feel seeing them live?!

11). Peru has an oasis

On a first look, they remind you much more on the Middle East than the Latin America, but… There’s the beautiful Huacachina oasis in the southwest part of the country, and according to a legend, it’s a home to a mermaid (but we don’t guarantee you’ll meet her).

12). As of recently, there’s a luxury sleeper train

As abovementioned, Peruvian government heavily invests in its country’s infrastructure, and as of May 2017, the country (and the whole continent, in fact) has its first luxury sleeper train. And do we need to remind you that it goes through one of the highest rail routes in the world?!

13). The Peruvian cuisine is fabulous

Yes! Peru is also known as South America’s best culinary destination, and there’s a very good reason for it. Its cuisine is consisted of very creative fusions of the traditional with the contemporary, and it’s said to be mouth-watering.

14). There’s plenty of Pisco Sours

Anyone who’s been in Peru, knows that an evening begins with Pisco sours, that are consisted of egg white, syrup, ice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, and naturally, pisco. And there’s no better cocktail, no matter what your plans are.

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