Just as each year passes by, the little country of Slovenia, located between the most North-Western part of the Balkans and the Alps, becomes better known by the travellers from all over the world, and there’s a good reason behind it. Although quite tiny, it pretty much offers everything a tourist would wish for, like charming little villages and towns, as well as pristine natural beauty.

And in order to ‘truly convince’ you in the beauty of Slovenia, we’ve prepared the following 14 photos, that’ll (hopefully) make you choose it as your next travelling destination.

Slap Slavica

Located just above the Lake Bohinj, in the country’s most famous national park, Triglav, this mesmerizing waterfall is just 15 minutes walk away from your reach. And, it looks exactly as you see it in this image.

Lake Bohinj

Amongst the numerous naturally beautiful locations in Europe, this could very well be one of its finest areas. It’s a true gem for each adventurer, and choosing it as your next destination will always be a bullseye!

Tell me just how beautiful this pristine nature is…

Lake Bled

This is by far the most popular tourist spot in Slovenia, and the Lake Bled has made such a huge contribution to this small country’s uprising tourism. Full with picturesque views, spa and massage treatments along the lake, boat trips… it has everything you need.

Its biggest attraction would have to be this old monastery, which is very easy reachable, only a 40-minute trip from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana.

Boat renting is like the most regular thing you could do here.

The majestic swans are one of the Lake Bled’s symbols. How could you not love them?

In the picture below, there’s a famous church, located on a small islet, right in the middle of the water.


Unfortunately, this beautiful coastal town is seldom visited. However, the truth about Koper is that it’s a truly mesmerizing little town, right next to the Croatian and Italian border…


There’s indeed an abundance of the numerous small towns in this country, both located in the countryside, as well as in the mountains.

The capital, Ljubljana

Make no mistake, although it’s amongst the smallest European capitals, it’s also one of the most charming. It has very old Austria-Hungarian heritage (it’s been under its empire for a long time), and you can see that most obviously in the city’s architecture. But don’t make a mistake thinking it has only old buildings, because it’s a very modern city with a terrific vibe.

Local people are quite friendly, with smiles on their faces, and as you’re walking throughout the city, you definitely get the feeling of a small town, but as if it’s located in a much bigger format.

Soca River

The very colour of Soca river’s waters would be more than a reason enough to visit Slovenia, but take into an account that you can also go kayaking, or even try canyoneering…

An abundance of adrenaline rush

If you’re a person with an adventurous spirit, choosing Slovenia on the map to satisfy this ‘need’, it’d be a bullseye! Besides the abundance of adventures and various experiences in nature you’ll get in this country (toboggan, water rafting, zip lining and plenty of more) it’d be enough to last you for a lifetime.

So, did we manage to convince you? We honestly hope so. And if that’s the case, make sure you visit Slovenia soon enough, ‘cause it’ll be worthwhile.

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