11 Reasons Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Here Are 11 Reasons Why You Should Make Colombia You Next Holiday Destination!

As we’ve already said (when we talked about another cou8ntry from this continent), in a case you’ve always wanted to see South America, but weren’t really sure to start from, or which country to choose as your destination, today we’re going to help you with that (again), by giving you several great reasons, why you ought to visit Colombia. So, here we go…

1). It’s a completely different country now

One thing a traveller shouldn’t do is to have prejudices, and in the case of Colombia, it means everyone should know that what it used to be a country of drug cartels, violence and corruption, kidnappings, and similar awful things, has converted into one of the most prosperous countries in South America. The abovementioned things are relics of the bad past – for real!

2). Bogota is a real boom-town

This goes just as a conjunction with the previous reason why you should visit Colombia. Yes, it still has its rough edges, like going alone in the old part of the town at night isn’t so smart, but there’s so many exciting and positive new attributes about Bogota, like stunning new hotels, restaurants, awesome nightclubs and discotheques that are safe, great restaurants, etc.

3). Medellin is coming up to the surface

What used to be Pablo Escobar’s city of crime and corruption, is now turned into one of the most hospitable cities in the country, where everyone greets you upon the arrival, and says nice things to you when you’re leaving.

4) Colombia is a paradise for the street arts

Ever since the city of Bogota decided to decriminalise graffiti in 2011, a completely new period in the Colombian cities has begun, in which you could see signs of creativity and beautiful artistic expression in every corner. And that’s not the case only in Bogota.

5) This is the home of Cartagena

In a case you didn’t know, Cartagena is one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring colonial cities in the entire South America, which makes it a real jewel in Colombia’s crown. Something definitely worth visiting.

6). It has its lost city

Its name is Ciudad Perdida, and according to the research and scientific data, it predates Peru’s Machu Picchu for a staggering 650 years. And it’s only been rediscovered in 1976, mainly because it’s located in one of the densest jungles in the entire continent, and it’s 6 days away from the nearest place inhabited with people.

7). There are salsa clubs, where you can dance all night long

And they’re not located in Bogota, or Medellin, but in the southern city of Cali, that’s been given the honourable title of the salsa capital of Colombia. The clubs have such a great reputation, and believe it or not, the ‘warming up’ process begins in the early morning hours, and of course, swinging hips lasts till dawn.

8). You can find (real) magic in Mompox

As a result of its relative inaccessibility, this town has been bypassed by tourists so often, it’s almost offensive. Especially once you learn that it’s more than just worth it to make an effort. Besides its stunning architecture that’s greatly preserved, Mompox was the home of the great writer, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, and this is where he used to get his ‘magical ideas’, for his surrealistic novels.

9). The coffee here is the freshest

Although Colombia is one of the synonymous countries for coffee, believe or not, it’s not an easy thing to find a truly great coffee here, mainly because the best stuff goes to export. Luckily, there are certain connoisseurs who’re turning things around.

10). An Abundance of exotic fruits

It doesn’t matter which local market you choose, it’s virtually impossible not to run upon an abundance of exotic fruits on a display. Starting from mouth-watering guavas, to luscious lulos, and everything in between. It’s so easy!

11). In Colombia, you’ll find the subterranean salt cathedral

It only takes a short drive from the capital, and there’s the calm and quiet city of Zipaquirá, where Colombia’s biggest attraction could be found and seen – the underground salt cathedral. It’s been opened in 1954 and as a result of being hewn from the city’s salt deposits that are subterranean, the church was a traditional sanctuary for the local miners. Now, it’s a real Catholic pilgrimage.

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